Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz Review

Twelve Monkeys is a premium e-liquid brand created in Toronto, Canada, that has risen to the top of the vaping scene, drawing in vapers all over the place with their incredible range of true to taste flavours, including the marvellous MacaRaz.

Established in 2015, Twelve Monkeys just seems to get bigger and better, winning numerous awards including best new brand award in 2015, and best international brand in 2017.

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Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz Review

Twelve Monkeys has numerous lines in their range of liquids, the original, made up of 12 Monkeys Discovery, Intelligence, Triumph and Infinity Collection lines, Twelve Monkeys Ice age, consisting of some original flavours, with an added kick of ice for a more refreshing vape, perfect for summer.

And lastly, their most recent line, Twelve Monkeys Origins, which is made up of the more simple flavours, in which they manage to really elevate and emphasise on the exact flavour.

Today though, we will be reviewing Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz!

First Impressions

Twelve Monkeys have perfected their line from top to bottom, they smell incredible, taste divine, and look sensational!

As usual with Twelve Monkeys products, they always know exactly how to draw you in before you have even opened the bottle.

Straight away we notice the intricacies of their packaging is astounding, while all of the Twelve Monkey bottles are brightly coloured, MacaRaz boasts beautiful, warm sunset like shades of pinks and oranges.

Immediately we can see the well known brand name plastered stylishly across the top of the bottle, just below that, the flavour, boasting its own unique font, as do the rest of flavours of Twelve Monkeys.

All of the need to know information is clearly present on the bottle, we can see the quantity is 50ml, it is a 70% VG mix, which should make for some fairly decent clouds and a smooth inhale. And then of course on the back of the bottle, we can see the important information like the ingredients and warning labels.

So once again we have a stylish, informative, fun and professional looking bottle. Everything that makes the Twelve Monkeys design stand out from the crowd.

Flavour Profile

As told by Twelve Monkeys themselves, The macaques love their fruits, but also their pastries! MacaRaz unites these two with a delicious intricate confection of French macaron, nutty almonds and raspberry filling. Perfect for an exquisite treat on the go.

So let us see if Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz will live up to that delightful description!


All vapers, whether they be experienced or a newbie, will know it’s impossible not to have a smell test of a new e-liquid before introducing it to your coil.

Macaraz will definitely intrigue your sense of smell, it is super ambrosial, and revealed to be a rather sweet liquid.

It gives off an aromatic scent of fresh and floral raspberries, with a sugary, creamy undertone. You may also be able to detect a little nuttiness if you try hard enough.


When tasting a new vape liquid, you don’t just puff it and then be done with it, you want to dissect it, and really pick out each of the particular flavours, and at which point they are recognizable, and how it all feels whilst you are vaping it!
So we are dividing this up for you ladies and gents, just to give you a deeper evaluation of each and every part of the vaping experience.


Firstly we have got to say that MacaRaz is as smooth as silk! No harsh throat hit whatsoever, just smooth sailing through and through.

Upon first inhale, your taste buds are met with a fragrant bouquet of lusciously ripe raspberries that make up that heavenly filling, it almost has a cakey vibe, the flavour is sweet and candy like, but the presence of glucose is not overpowering.


That tasty raspberry filling that we were introduced to first, is now accompanied by a most delicious pastry flavour, brought on by that delicate French macaron. These two flavours come together to create a magical taste, that whirls around in your mouth in the form of a flavoursome vape cloud.


So now that we have discovered that beautiful raspberry macaron, you start to notice a slight almond taste in the background, nothing majorly nutty comes through, but it’s more of a last minute touch to complete the masterpiece.
As you exhale, you’ll notice that the sweet scent is released into the air and lingers for a little while, allowing you to enjoy it that little bit more!


Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz leaves you with a forest berry vibe, joined with a subtle almond flavour. Although this is one of the sweeter flavours from Twelve Monkeys, they still manage to exclude that thick, sickly sweet film that coats your tongue and leaves you gulping down water to refresh your mouth.

Cloud production

As it is displayed helpfully on the bottle, Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz is a 70% VG mix. This is a pretty average ratio and it is more than capable of allowing you to create pretty decent sized clouds.

Be prepared for the clouds to disperse a lot faster though, they don’t hang around as much as they would with a max VG blend.

Final Thoughts

Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz is a floral and fruity vape juice, that still has an added element of dessert and is definitely not short on flavour!

The sweetness doesn’t blind your taste buds, but instead envelopes them, elevating each flavour that make up the meritorious MacaRaz.

To really enjoy Twelve Monkeys MacaRaz, it is better to be vaped above 50 watts, this will enhance the flavour experience majorly!

This is the perfect treat for on the go, we wouldn’t call this an all-day vape, unless you are really into your sweet e-juices because MacaRaz is definitely one of the sweeter ones you will come across.

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