• Green Ape by Nasty Juice Review

    Nasty juice is a widely known E-liquid brand crafted in Tampin, Malaysia.

    Founded by Pak Din and partner Mr. Loque, Nasty Juice erupted onto the vaping scene in 2015 and has grown exponentially in the UAE, USA, Birmingham, Poland and Paris!

     It has been collecting awards ever since like ‘menthol/mint of the show’ -  The Vaper Expo UK 2018, ‘Best Fruit’ - Vape Expo Poland 2016, and ‘Best Branding and Marketing’ - Vapouround Awards 2017 and 2018!

     We can most definitely see how they have lapped up all of their awards, their design is incredible, they carry a playful and daring look with bright, colourful imagery and their uniqueness is not to be forgotten!

     Nasty Juice has brought out a number of exceptional E-liquid lines some of those being;

     Nasty balling, in which they created a whole new design for their bottle, instead of the dripper style, they made it in the form of a cocktail shaker, including a ball bearing inside for extra help in mixing your nicotine! Flavours include Hippie Trail, Migos Moon and more!

     Another notable line  is Nasty Juice’s 60ml range. These wonderfully designed bottles include shop favourites such as Slow Blow - a mild and refreshing pineapple lemonade, and A$AP Grape - a black grape punch. All of the flavours in this range will have a low mint incorporated into them, this gives them an extra refreshing kick and are great all day vapes!

    The line we are digging into for this review is Nasty Juice’s Yummy Fruity Series!

    Nasty Juice introduce this line up by saying, “ 60ml Yummy is a romantic, social adventure brought to you by Nasty Juice, the maker of the world's best fruity series. Join hands with your loved ones to explore these tasteful juices.”.

    This series is made up of three tasty flavours; Trap Queen, which is ripe strawberries and low mint, Cush Man, which is a mango and low mint, and the flavour we are fixating on in this review, Green Ape! This is an apple and low mint, keep reading for a more in depth description of this delicious flavour!

    Flavour profile

    Looking at the Nasty Juice flavour description, this sounds like it’s going to have an exciting taste! They say, “ experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple e-juice. Just the right amount of sweetness and a little hint of tanginess of an apple that you are used to eating, best describes the real taste of this flavour. Take a ‘bite’ of an apple with Nasty Juice.”.

    So a sweet and tangy apple, so let’s see if the taste can meet that brilliant flavour profile!

    First impressions

    I think we can all say that the first thing we will all notice when looking at a Nasty Juice e-liquid, is the extremely unique packaging. Many other high VG e-liquids usually just come in a standard bottle, yes, most of them may have their own intriguing designs, but nothing compared to Nasty Juice!

    At first glance, we can all agree that the Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity Series is incredibly bright and colourful, with Trap Queen boasting pretty pinks, Cush Man in sunset yellow and orange, and Green Ape exhibiting an apple green!

    Nasty Juice Green Ape yet again comes in a brilliantly designed aluminium tin, this one being somewhat different in style when compared to the others in the Nasty Juice 60ml range, yet still serving the same concept.

    The tin is cylindrical in shape, which makes for a comfortable grip and a nice fit in the hand. It is coated in that lusciously fresh apple green colour, sure to make it stand out in a line up! On the lid, the intricate detailing of the vapor cloud only make the design more intriguing.

    At the top section of the tin,  is the ever so memorable Nasty Juice logo in a darker green, then just below that, the flavour ‘Green Ape’, with a little green apple sitting next to it, which, i guess comes in handy as an indication as to what the flavour is. Further down the tin we can see this e-juice includes low mint, is a 60ml bottle, and is a 70/30 mix.

    On the back of the tin is that easily recognisable illustration of the ‘Nasty old man’ with a funky new look dressed in pink and blowing some tasty clouds, no doubt vaping Green Ape of course!

    Now onto that ingenious, highly polished aluminium bottle! One of the reasons that Nasty Juice has used aluminium for the bottle, is that it ensures that the quality and taste of its contents remains unchanged and preserved no matter what.

    This stunning bottle uses a dripper to dispense the e-liquid, and of course is child proof. The design from the aluminium box is carried on throughout the bottle, this time the background being that beautifully polished silver. Those apple and leafy green colours are still being used to display the fonts of the logo and the flavour. On the side of the bottle is that ‘Nasty old man’ again looking cool and loving life!


    Now we come to the smell test, just as important as the rest, because you really need to enjoy the scent an E-liquid gives off to really appreciate the taste and if it’s not great, it will surely put you off at the thought of vaping it!

    Once you have opened that innovative bottle, you will instantly recognize the fresh, crisp scent of apple! And it really does smell like fresh apples, some e-juice companies go for the candied apple taste and can sometimes go overboard on the sweetness.



    We are going to break this up for you so we can better detect and pinpoint each flavour included in Nasty Juice’s Green Ape!


    Upon first inhale, you soon realise it tastes exactly as it smells, fresh apples! It really is like you have just bitten into a ripe, juicy and crisp apple! There is a sweetness to the apple flavour, but it’s only subtle!


    There is a sharpness that introduces itself here, the apple flavour is still very dominant, but you really get to grips with each flavour sensation that comes along with it, the slight sweetness counteracts the sharpness from the juicy apple.


    As you exhale, the sweet flavours start to intensify, changing up the flavour and knocking out the sharpness. It still isn’t too sweet and doesn’t give off a candy vibe, the low mint really helps with that and keeps it fresh.


    Green Ape by Nasty Juice leaves you feeling as if you have just finished off a delicious granny smith apple! Crunchy, tart and a little sweet!

    Cloud production

    As we noticed previously, Green Ape by Nasty Juice is a 70/30 mix, which is pretty much your standard high VG ratio.

    This creates some pretty decent clouds, not super dense, but you will definitely have fun forcing your friends to walk through clouds of apple scented vapor!!

    Final thoughts

    Green Ape by Nasty Juice is definitely one to beat when it comes to creating great apple flavours! They have added just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to create the perfect tasting apple flavoured e-juice! It’s smooth on the inhale and exciting on the exhale! Just another one of Nasty Juice’s brilliant concoctions!

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  • Why Does My Vape Crackle?

    There may be times when you’re vaping that you hear a crackling or popping sound coming from your tank. However long you have been vaping, you may be wondering why this sound is happening and whether it’s anything to be concerned about. For the majority of the time, this noise is completely normal and it’s a sign that the device is doing its job properly; however, if you are hearing something that you haven’t heard before there may be issues and it may be necessary to be checked and ensure that everything is working as it should. Regardless of whether the noises are an issue or not, here are the more common reasons for the crackling noise in your vape device.


    Good Crackling


    The vapour in your device appears as a result of the e-liquid travelling to the hot atomising coils within your device and vaporising. The popping generally occurs at the point that the e-liquid hits the coils and starts to react. It generally sounds like a steady crackling noise followed by a slow hiss.  If your e-liquid is particularly thin it tends to flood the coils and will pop a lot more than a thicker e-liquid. These sounds will be more pronounced when you have changed certain components of your vaping device such as the coils or if you have increased the volume of the nicotine levels.


    Bad Crackling


    It is important to recognise changes in these sounds that may indicate there is a problem with your vaping device.


    If the normal popping sound increases and you begin to taste bitterness, it may be time to clean your device. An increase in heat may start an increase in the popping sound as well. For this you may need to check the wattage setting, airflow adjustment or your atomiser to see if this is too wet. If the popping is getting louder still and you’re noticing that you’re sucking a lot of the e-liquid into your mouth (spitback) it might be advisable to take your device back to get it checked over.


    No Crackling


    When you aren’t hearing any crackling or popping coming from your vaping device this also indicates there is a problem. Usually this suggests that the device is clogged up and needs to be cleaned. When this problem starts to occur it’s important that you act on it as soon as you can. If cleaning does not fix the problem take your device to be checked.









    What is Spitback?


    Spitback is the name given to the process of e-liquid coming into your mouth when you vape. It leaves the user with a bitter taste in their mouth and it’s generally pretty annoying. Fortunately, listed below are some ways of how to fix spitback and get back to enjoying those clouds!


    1. The most common cause of spitback is when your wattage on your device is too low. When your wattage is too low, it does not give your coils enough time to vaporise the e-liquid. The e-liquid that doesn’t get enough time to be vaporised gets sucked up through the chimney of your device and straight into you mouth. Nasty huh? If you believe it’s due to the wattage try increasing it slightly to see if this helps.


    1. Another cause of spitback is that your e-liquid is too thin. Thin e-liquids tend to flood the atomisers without getting a chance to be vaporised and just like with low wattage your chance of it getting sucked up the device’s chimney are pretty high. There are two variables that make up e-liquid and these are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). If your e-liquid contains more PG, it’s going to be very thin. Try using an e-liquid with a lower level of PG and see if this makes a difference.


    1. When changing your coil in your device, it is necessary to prime it first to prevent it from overheating or burning when using it for the first time. The process involves adding a few drops of e-liquid to the coil; however, if you use too much the excess pools at the bottom and will be the first thing you taste when you try to inhale. As annoying as this is, it’s fairly common and will disappear after around five inhales.


    1. Similarly, if you have left your vape device for more than a day without using it, the e-liquid begins to settle and starts to pool at the bottom. If this does happen and spitback occurs this usually rights itself after around 2-3 draws.


    What is Vaper’s Tongue?

    Vaper’s tongue is a condition where unexpectedly, the user will lose the ability to taste the flavour of the vape juice. Vaper’s tongue does not affect the consumption of nicotine or cloud production; however, you’re going to a lose a lot of the enjoyment of the vaping experience through not tasting the flavour of the e-liquid.


    What is Vaper’s Mouth?

    It’s possible that vaping can cause dehydration, e-liquid tends to dry the mouth out through the PG and VG content absorbing the moisture from the mouth. This can be prevented simply by carrying a bottle of water with you to have while you vape.


    Can Vaping Stain your Teeth?

    One of the downsides of smoking regular cigarettes is how they stain the user’s teeth. All of that is a thing of the past once switching to vape devices. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke that contains tar or ash and so are unable to stain tooth or rot gums. Your dentist will be pleased!


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  • Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt with a New Coil?

    So, you’ve just replaced the coil in your vaping device. You sit down to enjoy your first puff and instead of the lovely flavour you were expecting, you get a mouthful of burnt unpleasantness. Nasty! How many of you have been in this situation? No matter what sort of vaping device is used or how experience a vaper you are most of you will have a ‘dry hit’ at least once.


    Luckily, this doesn’t mean that your vaping device is ruined. Here are some helpful pointers to ensure that dry hit doesn’t ruin your day!


    Why does my Vape Taste Burnt?


    The most likely answer to this is that the wick is burnt.


    The wick is the cotton that, depending on your vape device, runs through or is wrapped around your coils. It soaks up the e-juice that you use to prime your coils (more about this later) and when you fill your tank. This keeps your coils wet and the liquid that is closest to your coils heats to the point of vaporisation, resulting in the lovely clouds that we all know and love!


    If for some reason your wick fails to saturate with e-liquid, this could overheat the coils, causing the cotton to burn.


    To remedy this there are two things that you can try:


    1. There’s a possibility that cleaning your coil head could get rid of the burnt flavour. If this can be rescued it will save you some money as coil heads can be expensive. If it’s too badly damaged try the next fix.


    1. You will need to install a new coil head. Follow these quick steps to see how:


    • Unscrew the casing to reveal the vape coil.
    • Unscrew the coil head from it’s stowage.
    • Screw in the new one.
    • Prime and fill the device with e-liquid and leave to soak.
    • Time to vape!


    Burning your wick can be avoided by priming your coils when you first install them. Priming is the process of lubricating the coils and wick with e-liquid to saturate them enough to cause them to produce vapour, once heated. Not priming your coils results in the burning of the wick, as stated above, and that unpleasant dry hit. It is best practice to prime your coils when changing them and should be done every time new ones are fitted.





    To prime your coils:


    • Unscrew the cap to expose the coil head.
    • Around the coil head you will see little holes exposing the wick. Insert one drop of e-liquid into each of these.
    • Put some drops of the e-liquid on to the coil head itself to completely saturate it being careful only to use a few drops. Any more will result in a mouthful of juice when you first inhale!
    • Put the tank back together.
    • Fill the tank with e-liquid.
    • Without switching the device on or pressing the fire button inhale on your vaping device to draw liquid into the coils.
    • Allow the wick to soak for five minutes.


    Other Issues to Look Out For


    If you have just changed your coils and you experience dry hit. The above causes are going to be the first things to check. If you know you have followed the priming process carefully, there are other causes to dry hit and these are listed below:


    • Wattage – Vaping on a higher wattage limit than what your coil head is designed for, will result in a dry hit. It’s always advisable to check the wattage limit on your coil head and to not exceed this on your vaping device.


    • Empty Tank/Wick – If the tank in your vaping device is not kept topped up you will draw air into your wick and not e-liquid. This causes the wick to dry out and start to burn. Similarly, if you are taking off the casing regularly exposing the holes that you prime the wick with, these can again dry the wick out causing the same issue. Ensure that you are topping up your e-liquid regularly and you are not exposing the wicking ports unnecessarily.


    • Chain Vaping – As pleasant as it can be to chain vape, some coils just can’t handle it. When you chain vape, it causes the tank to overheat, this causes the e-liquid inside to become thinner and vaporise too quickly for the coils to saturate it. If you are partial to chain vaping ensure that you are looking at reviews for good coils for your device that allows this. Alongside this you should never let your tank get too warm to touch. This is a big indicator that you’re overdoing it.


    • Correct PG and VG Ratio – E-liquid has a lot of either Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin in it. Juice with a high content of PG tends to be thinner than that with a high content of VG. The size of your coil head and the wattage range on your vaping device should give you a clue as to what ratio of each of these you should have in your e-liquid. Generally, the lower the wattage, the thinner your e-liquid should be. A thicker e-liquid in a lower wattage device is not going to be able to saturate the wick quick enough which will cause the wick to burn.


    • Clogged Wick – E-liquids high in sweeteners and nicotine are susceptible to clogging your wick. Regularly using these juices, results in them caramelising at the wick and potentially damaging that and the coils. If you are unable to stay away from the sweet e-liquids then you will need to clean your wick and coils regularly.



    Is it ok to Vape with Burnt Coils?

    No! It’s not only extremely unpleasant to the taste but it can be bad for you as unhealthy byproducts are going into your vape!


    How do you Clean Vape Coils?

    Start by rinsing the coils under hot water. This will take off any leftover liquid that was sticking to them. Gently shake out the water that is stuck between the coils and leave them to air dry on a paper towel. 











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  • What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

    Whether you’re new to vaping or an old pro, you have probably heard of sub ohm vaping or sub ohming. To fully understand what the term is, it’s necessary to know the science behind it. Ohms are a unit used to measure electrical resistance. The atomiser coils within your vaping device have a certain amount of resistance to them (this information can usually be found on the packaging). Sub ohming is where the coils, that you are using to vape, use less than one ohm of resistance. Using less resistance means more power can be pumped through it. The increased power makes the atomising coils hotter, resulting in thicker vape clouds. This type of vaping has been available since 2014 with the release of the first sub ohm tank. Since then, the quality of these tanks has increased and users are now able to enjoy denser, thicker clouds with a more intense flavour. Before sub ohming, the only way to achieve these results was to build your own atomising coils.


    The main difference that users will notice first about sub ohming is that due to the substantial increase of vapour created, you have to inhale on it differently than on a vape device with a higher resistance. Instead of inhaling into the mouth and then into the lung, as is traditionally done, sub ohming users are required to inhale directly into the lung.  


    Advantages and Disadvantages of Sub Ohm Vaping


    The three major advantages to sub ohming are as follows:


    • Increased Vapour – With a sub ohm vape kit you’ll be blowing the biggest clouds out of all your vaping pals!


    • Richer Flavour – The flavour from a sub ohm kit is described as being very smooth yet extremely intense. If you are looking for a richer more hard-hitting flavour, sub ohming may well be for you.


    • Warmer Vape – Most vapers prefer a warmer temperature on their vape and the sub ohm guarantees this due to the increased power running through the device. New users, need not fear of burning their lips, the temperature has been described as, “pleasantly warm.”



    The disadvantages to sub ohming are:


    • Requires More E-liquid and Battery Power – Those big vapour clouds have to come from somewhere and they are coming straight out of your juice! This means more e-liquid is required which can get expensive in the long run. Sub ohm sets can potentially need to be refilled three times per day as opposed to an above ohm set that typically might only be required to be refilled once. With the increased power that sub ohming creates within the device, you’re going to get through more battery power also.


    • Expense – Sub ohming equipment is a lot more expensive than above ohm counterparts. Due to the increased amount of power that the sub ohm can generate, the atomising coils tend to burn out faster and so replacements are required a lot more frequently


    • Not Advised for Beginners – Vaping beginners could find the substantial increase in vapour and change in inhalation technique overwhelming and so it is not advised for people starting out. If you are looking for something that requires the traditional mouth to lung inhalation technique this may not be for you.


    How to Keep your Battery Safe


    With the increased power that sub ohm vaping creates, devices can get very hot. If proper battery safety isn’t practised it can result in explosions and severe injuries to the user. The vape devices themselves aren’t particularly dangerous. Most problems are due to user error and batteries and these will be explained now.


    Most vaping devices use an 18650 which is a lithium ion battery, the reason for this is that they can store and output a lot of energy. So how do they explode? Here’s some more science! 18650 batteries have one electrode on either side, one is a positive charge, the other negative with a separator in the middle. When charging, lithium ions move from one electrode to the other, when outputting they move the opposite way. When you feel your vaping device getting warm, this is the ions moving quickly from one electrode to the other.  Electrolytes that are also present in the battery, make the ions move faster. The electrodes of the battery should never come into contact with one another. If this were to occur, energy is redirected to the electrolytes causing the battery to hard short which results in an explosion.


    There are certain things that you can do to prevent this from happening and these are:


    • Check the protective wrapping around your battery. This wrapping is to stop conductive materials getting to the metal sleeve of the battery. If this protective wrapping is damaged and conductive materials make contact this provides a connection between the positive and negative electrode resulting in an explosion. If you see that your batteries look damaged, many vape stores will re-wrap them for you.


    • Batteries can explode by overcharging them, one of the main issues of the 18650 battery is that it’s unprotected, meaning there is no way for the battery to tell the charger that it’s fully charged. To prevent overcharging, external chargers are recommended to charge your 18650. These are equipped with extra safety features that include an automatic cut off when the battery is fully charged.


    • It is extremely important that users are selecting the correct battery for their vaping device. Users should ensure that they purchase batteries from a reputable brand. People who sub ohm tend to buy batteries with the highest possible continuous amperage limits. This information can be checked on the battery. It is critical that you do not exceed the amperage limit of your battery as doing so will almost certainly cause it to short.


    What is the best wattage for a 0.5 ohm coil? 

    A 0.5 ohm coil will vape best at 15-50 watts.


    How long do mesh coils last?

    New coils usually last around one to two weeks but this can be extended if you properly break in the coils and maintain them to a good standard.

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  • Review of Blackcurrant by Vampire Vape

    Vampire Vape is a multi-award-winning e-liquid manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They were established in 2012 with just 12 products, nowadays they have a unique line up of flavours designed to bring back those childhood memories at the sweet shop! Some of the most recent accolades to their name include; Best Dessert Winner 2019 and Best Mint/Menthol Winner 2018 from Vapouround Awards and Manufacturer of the Year 2018 by The BiBAs.


    Some of their most popular products include best-selling Heisenberg, with its fruity undertones, the refreshing and exotic Pinkman and the divine flavoured Sweet Lemon Pie. Sampling any of these 3 delights will put you in no doubt as to why Vampire Vape is one of the best at what they do.


    For this particular review we are going to be focusing on the Blackcurrant flavour which can be purchased in 10ml bottles for £3.99 each or 30ml concentrate for £9.99.


    Flavour Profile and First Impressions


    When introducing this flavour, Vampire Vape has described it as a, “berrylicious blackcurrant e-liquid simply bursting with flavour, natural tasting but with a smooth hit.”

    With blackcurrant being one of the more sought-after flavours in the vaping world it entices the user’s taste buds to give it a try and with the added likeness of apparently tasting just like the old childhood favourite of blackcurrant Chewits, who wouldn’t want to take a trip down memory lane?


    Based on first impressions of the packaging and the bottle, Vampire Vape operates a basic, no-frills design. The bottle cap and labelling match the expectation of a blackcurrant flavour with the purple colouring, which I would say is definitely positive. The bottle’s labelling also carries all appropriate direction and warning labels. Some may say this approach to design is too basic; however, I believe it’s allowing the product to speak for itself without getting caught up in fancy labelling.





    When I think of blackcurrant, I (and probably the rest of the British population) will think of Ribena. The popular children’s drink has a very distinct smell and it is definitely apparent when smelling the Blackcurrant flavour for the first time. Nostalgia is what Vampire Vape do best and on first thoughts it excites you to try it. For those that did not grow up with Ribena (where have you been!?) on smelling the Blackcurrant flavour for the first time, you are left with a strong, sweet aroma that leaves you wanting more.







    On your first inhale a sweet yet ever so slightly sour flavour of blackcurrant will take over your taste buds. It’s strong, it’s full bodied but not over powering in the slightest. Whilst inhaling, a cooling sensation can be felt which accompanies the flavour well and just adds a bit more intensity to the taste. On exhaling, the cooling sensation increases and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. Cloud production is satisfying and dense.  It is INCREDIBLY more-ish and before you know it, you’ll be taking your next draw!



    Final Thoughts


    Berry flavours can be quite difficult to get right as there’s so many undernotes to their taste. Vampire Vape has a done a great job of combining the sweet, fruity flavour, with the tartness of the berry all whilst avoiding being too overpowering. If mixing flavours is your thing, I would absolutely recommend mixing this with a mint flavour just to take this to the next level of amazing but on its own a superb all-rounder every day vape. Bravo Vampire Vape!

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