Ben Richardson

Hi my name is Ben Richardson I believed in the TidalVAPE philosophy and now I am a member of the team.

I ensure the stores are stocked and apparently have been known to be good with drills and screws as well as vapes.

Loves my vapes and KFC and have been known to put away a family bucket.

Present product that I am using is the limitless RDTA tank with the G-Priv and juice of the moment is the BiggAssDaddy.

Guy Moore

I have helped with the intial structuring of buying product and the general admin.  

Crazy about Latte and Relentless.

Like Ben when my taste buds start I can get through untold amount of caffeine.

Present products is the varpresso with a cleito 120.  

To you starters I can give you a great tip.  The pockex for taste and functionality and price point.  I love those I have a black and white colours.  Ladies you might prefer a rose gold.

Jake Landa

Started with the company from inception.  Has see its growth.  Jake can put a curry away nicely especially after a TidalVAPE NIGHTS.  

Jake is a massive fan of

Becki Maghee

Simon Tate

Ryan Ketley