The Vision we support is “Helping everyone who wishes to give up smoking” …

Our Purpose

“Eliminate Smoking from the world”

Our Mission

TidalVAPE is a team of positive helpful individuals who believe in the product we use and serve to the public.  We work within set guidelines of our business to ensure the potential vapers and vapers can continue to achieve their desired long and short term goals.

TidalVAPE looks to work alongside our customers and suppliers to help smokers and vapers achieve their goals and desired experience.  We are continually looking to have the latest products on the market to improve the vaping experience.

Our products will be selected and trusted brands and we will endeavor to ensure it hold value for money.

TidalVAPE customers let they be at the stage of looking at an alternative to smoking or an advanced vapour, we want to ensure that the vaping experience is an enjoyable one.