Your safety is of paramount importance to us at Valda Vapes.

Please read the following critical safety points and guidance

Devices with inbuilt Batteries

  • Always turn off when not in use
  • Use the provided charging wire, do NOT charge with alternative wires
  • Always charge in the day to the manufacturers time guidance

Devices with removable Batteries

  • Always use the battery and charger specified by the manufacturer
  • Never carry batteries, unless within the device or protected by a sleeve
  • Buy quality branded products. We deliberately recommend the Samsung 25R


  • Keep away from anyone under the age of 18 and your pets
  • All liquids we sell will have a child safety cap, however in the event any E-Liquid is swallowed seek immediate professional medical assistance

Mechanical Mods / RDA’s

  • These devices require specialist advice to operate safely and unless professionally maintained should NOT be used. All the power of the battery is directed straight to the coil and unless built and maintained professionally can put your safety at risk


  • Always use the recommended coils for the device per manufacturers guidelines
  • Do not leave E-Liquid in the tank overnight as this can damage the coils
  • Always use the right E-Liquid for your device per the manufacturers guidance

Tidal Vape aims to give you the very latest and best products available, at the most competitive price being sold.

We have 3 key goals
» Seek Global innovation to offer the Best Brands and Products available anywhere.
» Assist to Stop or reduce any smoking dependency
» Quality products that comply with the latest standards