Collection: Bar Edition Nic Salts by Riot Squad

The Riot Bar Edition nic salt e-liquids showcase the inventiveness of Riot Squad's flavour experts. Crafted with precision, these e-liquids encapsulate the essence of well-loved fusions found within their array of disposable vapes. Drawing creative influence from an assortment of fruits and timeless beverages, this collection is elegantly packaged in compact 10ml bottles, boasting a nicotine strength of 10 mg and 20mg. 

Distinguished by the use of salt nicotine, these concoctions offer a fresh experience. Additionally, this formulation guarantees a smooth throat hit, significantly milder compared to traditional counterparts.  

Riot Bar Edition nic salt e-liquids transcend the boundaries of conventional vaping, propelling enthusiasts into a realm of unparalleled gratification. By adeptly harnessing the potency of salt nicotine and meticulously replicating favoured profiles, Riot Squad invites vapers to savour a uniquely satisfying and indulgent journey, one that harmonises innovation with familiarity.

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