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IQOS Iluma One Kit

IQOS Iluma One Kit

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Meet the IQOS Iluma One, a straightforward and integrated device designed to enhance your experience with heated tobacco. It's equipped with the newest version of IQOS technology, offering the convenience of not needing cleaning and allowing for 20 uses on a single charge – making it ready for use at any moment. 

The Iluma One combines a 1728mAh rechargeable battery and a heating mechanism into a compact design, supporting up to 20 uses before needing a recharge, eliminating downtime. It also introduces an automatic start feature, which begins heating without manual input, streamlining your experience. 

A key feature of the Iluma One kit is its innovative design, which replaces traditional heating blades with the Smart Core Induction System. This advancement removes the concern of blade damage and the need for regular cleaning, offering a hassle-free and maintenance-light option. 

The device is compatible with the newly introduced Terea tobacco sticks, available in 10 varieties of tobacco and menthol flavors. Each stick incorporates a stainless-steel element to heat the tobacco internally, delivering a deep and flavorful taste without burning.  
It's important to note that Terea sticks are exclusively designed for the Iluma series and are not interchangeable with other IQOS models. Similarly, HEETS sticks are not compatible with the Iluma, ensuring a unique experience for this device. 


  • Available in 5 colours 
  • Battery: 1728mAh 
  • Battery Life: Approx. 20 Terea 
  • No Cleaning Required 
  • Compatible with Terea Tobacco Sticks only 
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