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If you are new to vaping or have recently switched from smoking, buying an expensive kit may not be an option for you. This is where starter kits can be really useful. They come equipped with all essential components to get you started and can be used straight out of the box. In addition, they are affordable with some kits starting at just £4.99, lightweight, portable, and require little to zero maintenance.

Starter kits are generally of two types – disposable kits and reusable kits. Disposable kits come with a built-in battery, a coil, a tank, and a mouthpiece. They also have prefilled e-liquid in different flavours, and usually lasts from 100-500 puffs depending on the battery. Reusable kits on the other hand allows you to replace components like pods, batteries, coils, etc. and you can also refill them when empty. 

If you are not familiar with vaping or want to use a compact and affordable kit without too many parts, we strongly recommend you to go with starter kits. At Tidal Vape, we have a wide range of starter kits from the world’s top brands such as Aspire, Voopoo, Smok, Uwell, etc. to cover all your vaping needs. If you still need any assistance on buying a new kit, our staff will be happy to address all your queries.

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What vape should a beginner start with?

Although there is a huge variety of vaping kits available, if you belong to the beginner zone, MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapes are going to be your best friend. Also, using a nic salt e-liquid will curb your cravings faster and result in a smoother throat hit. It is advised to use your vapes on a lower power output when you’re just starting with it.

How much does a vaping starter kit cost in the UK?

A vaping starter kit may range from £4.99 to £43.99. It largely depends on the type of kit you choose – disposable or reusable.

What is the best vape to quit smoking?

The Elf Bar 600 is a compact and lightweight disposable pod device that has been designed for vapers on the go. It can be easily carried while commuting and its simple inhale to vape mechanism makes it easy to use. The bar has a built-in 550mAh battery that easily lasts between 550-600 puffs. Its pod comes with prefilled 2ml salt nicotine with 20mg strength to provide you a fast and satisfying nicotine hit. Hence, it is one of the best vape kits to start with and with just £4.99 on the stake, you can experiment as much as you want to!