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Drip tips are an essential component of a vaping device, which is directly connected to the atomizer. A correct drip tip will guide the vapour from the vape tank into your mouth and affect key factors of you vaping experience like vapour temperature, flavour, amount of vapour etc.  

The name drip tip is suggestive of the fact that the mouthpiece consists a hole which can be used to directly drip the e-liquid onto the coil, resulting in a more controlled output.  

If you’re particular about the crispness and quality of flavour production, glass drip tips is ideal for you.  

Apart from that, drip tips maintain a safe distance from your mouth to the atomizer, preventing the e-liquid to get into your mouth.  

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What is a drip tip on a vape?

Mouthpieces of vape devices which can be used to directly drip in the e-liquid into the coil is called a drip tip.

What is the purpose of a drip tip vape?

The purpose of a drip tip is to guide the vapour from the tank in your mouth, while enhancing flavour, managing temperature of the vapour and the amount of the vapour.

Do you need a drip tip on a vape?

A drip tip helps you to regular the amount of vapour inhaled, while preventing E-liquid from getting into your mouth by creating a safe distance.

Does drip tip affect flavor?

By regulating the amount and temperature of vapour, it does indeed affect the flavour of the e-liquid.

How often should I change my drip tip?

Drip tips need to be changed once or twice a year for an optimally functioning vape.

How many puffs are in a drip?

3 drops usually allow for 4-6 hits.