Collection: Brutal 100ml Shortfills by Just Juice

Packed with exquisite flavour and entirely free from nicotine, our collection of fruity shortfills are conceived and produced in UK laboratories using only the finest ingredients. This meticulousness ensures they're among the tastiest shortfill e-liquids available today.  

All our fruity vape liquids are housed in user-friendly 120ml bottles, with 100ml of prime nicotine-free liquid inside. The spare 20ml can accommodate a nicotine shot or nic salt, tailored to your liking. Looking to reduce your nicotine intake? No worries! These truly delightful nic-free shortfills can be vaped as is. The decision is in your hands. 

Crafted with a 70% VG to 30% PG mix, this ratio guarantees impressive clouds without sacrificing flavour. Each tempting shortfill juice delivers a silky throat hit every instance. On offer are a range of delectable and truly distinctive fruity tastes such as: Sour Strawberry Bubble Gum - Brutal, Red & Black - Brutal, Rhubarb & Custard - Brutal, Raspberry Sour - Brutal, and Mr. Jack - Brutal. 

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