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TEREA Tobacco Sticks for IQOS ILUMA

TEREA Tobacco Sticks for IQOS ILUMA

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The Terea sticks, crafted for the IQOS ILUMA One Kit, offer a seamless experience with an auto-start function that activates the device upon stick insertion.  
The innovative heating mechanism of the IQOS ILUMA One stands out for its Smartcore Induction System, which gently warms the tobacco inside the Terea sticks, avoiding tar production entirely. Instead, TEREA IQOS Tobacco sticks generates a less harmful aerosol residue.  
This advancement in design signifies a shift towards a healthier alternative, as the bladeless technology of the IQOS ILUMA One Kit heats tobacco without burning it.  
This method ensures a cleaner experience, free from ash and smoke, while also minimizing the need for regular maintenance, making it a superior choice for smokers seeking a safer and more satisfying experience. 


  • Available in a pack of 20 sticks 
  • Contains Nicotine 
  • Does not produce Tar 
  • Easily replaceable sticks 
  • Produces great flavour and vapour 

In Box Contents 

20 x Teak Terea for IQOS ILUMA 


  1. What are TEREA sticks? 
    TEREA sticks, designed for the IQOS ILUMA One Kit, are innovative tobacco products that deliver a smoke-free experience. They are specifically crafted to work with the Smartcore Induction System, ensuring a bladeless, tar-free experience while providing a satisfying flavour. 
  2. How do you smoke TEREA sticks? 
    To smoke TEREA sticks, insert them into the IQOS ILUMA One device. The auto-start function activates the heating mechanism, which gently warms the tobacco, producing a less harmful aerosol instead of smoke, offering a cleaner experience. 
  3. How long do TEREA sticks last? 
    Each TEREA stick is designed to last for one session, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience. Typically, the duration mirrors that of a traditional cigarette, offering a familiar timeframe for users. 
  4. Can you buy TEREA in the UK? 
    Yes, TEREA sticks are available for purchase in the UK. They are tailored for the IQOS ILUMA One Kit and can be found in any Tidal Vape outlet or from our online store, that offers a convenient option for smokers seeking a healthier alternative. 
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