The Tidal Vape story

Established in 2015 Tidal vape have served the community to help people give up smoking. We have helped all adults from all ages with various degrees of addiction and for this Tidal Vape is proud.
We have helped individuals lead happier healthier lives for themselves and their families, Tidal Vape is now the number one vaping experience on the south coast of England.

With Multi Stores in the UK with rapid expansion, Tidal Vape is serving many vapers from morning to night 7 days a week. As our service remains in demand for smokers looking for an alternative or vapers looking for the latest devices and juices we endeavour to open more stores so we can reach out to more people.

We have a simple systemized approach to helping smokers looking to quit. We have trained staff who are understanding as most of them are ex-store customers of Tidal Vape. So we do have a plan so you can become smoke-free. If you are already a seasoned vapour then Tidal Vape was the early introducers to the South Coast for some of the worlds best American juices.

7 Reasons Why? . . . . Tidal Vape

  1. At Tidal Vape, a team member can show you real-life examples of vapers who used to be smokers 

  2. At Tidal Vape, a team member will help you to find the kit that suits you for vapour and feel comfortable in the hand which can be equally important for most smokers 

  3. At Tidal Vape, a team member will be on hand to help if you need additional advice once you have started your vaping journey 

  4. At Tidal Vape, a team member will give you pointers on what you might go through and how to tackle those tougher moments when trying to give up smoking 

  5. At Tidal vape, a team member will listen 

  6. At Tidal Vape, a team member can help if you desire to use more powerful devices all the way to competition level products 

  7. At Tidal Vape, a member knows that it's not an easy choice but what every your dream let it be giving up smoking, lower nicotine addiction or essentially even giving up vaping, we are here to make your dream come true…….

Discover the value of Tidal Vape for your health today.

Tidal Vape is ready to help you give up smoking today……..

The only question is……. Are you ready for Tidal Vape?