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Pod kits are mini vape systems based on two parts, a pod that holds the e-liquid, and the battery. They are often known as vape pods and mini vapes and are super easy to use. They are usually portable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for vapers on the go. While their simplicity makes them a good choice for beginners, they have certain features that even experienced vapers will appreciate. 

Pod kits have come a long way since their introduction and are usually of two types – prefilled pod kits and refillable pod kits. The former comes prefilled with generally 2ml of e-liquid, while the latter allows you to refill the pod with the liquid of your choice once the pod gets empty. A prefilled pod kit can be treated as a disposable starter kit, which should be disposed once you run out of the e-liquid. 

Pod kits are a great option for new vapers or vapers who haven’t found a device that suits their needs. If you want a compact and lightweight kit without much hustle, we strongly recommend you to buy pod kits. At Tidal Vape, we have a vast collection of pod kits online from leading brands such as Voopoo, Aspire, Uppen, ELF, Sigelei, Uwell, Geek Bar, etc. For more details, please visit the individual product pages. 

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What are Pod Vapes?

A pod kit is basically a vape pen that has in-built battery and vape tank. While it is called a vape ‘tank’ in other vapes, disposables vapes call that in-built tank a ‘pod’, as they are sealed and non -replaceable from the main vape.

What is the cost of Vape Pod Kits in the UK?

A vape pod kit may range from £7.99 to £49.99 depending on which type of pod they are- disposable and non-replaceable. Moreover, it also depends on the type of features and customizability that you choose. While beginners may just need a draw activated disposable vape, advance vapers may experiment with more features and vapour production.

What are the benefits of pod kits?

Pod kits have a ton of facilities that is directly indicated by their undeniable popularity. They are easy to carry and are more compact than other bulkier varieties, they are definitely easier on the pocket and simple to use. Moreover, they are very satisfying for first-time users and provide proper satisfaction.

Which is the best pod kit?

In terms of pod kits, Tidal Vape offers a wide selection of excellent options. For example, the VooPoo Argus Pod Kit is a power packed pod kit that allows you to customise your vaping experience. It can be easily charged with a type C charging port and has an inbuilt battery of 800mAh. You can customise the air-flow, power output and even switch between three different modes for different functions.