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Simply put, shortfills are nicotine free e-liquids, with space in the bottle to add nic shots of your choice. The shortfill bottles are filled below their capacity so that the nic shots can be accomodated.  

Tidal Vape has a huge assortment of Shortfills, available in wide varieties of pg-vg ratio, flavours and bottle sizes. From 50ml bottles to 100ml ones, you’ll get everything at your fingertips. 

With a large variety of shortfill flavours, there’s something for every kind of taste bud. Be it on a fruity side, dessert delicacies or full-bodied tobacco flavour, we’ve seriously got it all! 

To complete your buy, check out our collection of nic shots to go with your shortfills.  

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What is a shortfill vape e-liquid?

A shortfill vape e-liquid is a bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid, filled under its capacity to accommodate for nic shots of your preferred strength.

Can you vape shortfill without nicotine?

Absolutely! Shortfills are ready to be vaped on their own, it is up to you to add nic shots or vape it nicotine free.

How do shortfills work?

You can make an E-liquid of your choice just by mixing your premeasured nic shot with your shortfill. For example, if you add two 10ml high strength nic shot (18 mg) to your shortfill bottle and shake it well, it will create 120ml of 3mg E-liquid.

How to add nicotine to shortfill?

Shortfill bottles have space for nic shots, hence all you have to do is pop off the caps and pour your nic shot into your shortfill bottle and shake it well to make your e-liquid. Pour it in the vape tank and you’re good to go!

How to use shortfill E-liquid?

Shortfills can be vaped on their own without any nicotine, or you may simply add a pre-measured bottle of nic shot into your shortfill bottle and shake it well. Pour it carefully into your vape tank and get vaping!