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Creator of the popular Drag Series, VooPoo is one of the leading vape brands credited with creating innovative and user-friendly vape kits. Vape Kits like Argus GT, re-define your vaping experience, making it as customizable as possible.  

While maintaining a pristine quality, the VooPoo Vape kits have maintained their exterior look and upgraded to classic materials like leather and stainless steel to make their appearance attractive.  

VooPoo has manufactured a large variety of PnP coils and pods that fit with all their kits, making it very convenient for customers to find their perfect puzzle-piece.  

Indeed, they’re a whole experience!  

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How To Set Up a VooPoo Vape?

Here is a simple guideline to set up a voopoo starter kit vape from the drag series of VooPoo Button Operations -To turn on or off: Press fire button 5 times - To lock/unlock: Press the fire button and '+' simultaneously. - Mode Switch: Press the fire button 3 times, quickly To charge the device, connect it to the provided USB cable. The LED screen will indicate if the device is on charge To fill the VooPoo Pod with E-liquid, simply remove it from the mod. Turn it upside down and you will find a black silica gel plug. Open it and pour the vape juice until full and re-insert the plug properly Follow the same pod removal instructions as previous step, to change coils. Below the pod, you will find a burnt coil, remove it and replace with the new coil by pressing it in firmly. Fill it with the e-juice and allow it to soak for 5 minutes before using.

Are VooPoo Vapes good? Is VooPoo the best brand?

Voopoo undoubtedly do their job pretty good. Not only do they build sturdier, more functional kits but they always don a futuristic design. Their coils last longer too!

What’s the newest VooPoo Kit?

Some of the most recent and best VooPoo kits are Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit, Voopoo Drag S Kit, Voopoo Argus Pod Kit, Voopoo Drag 3 Kit

How to turn VooPoo Vape on?

Although it depends on the model, the general rule to turn on VooPoo vapes is pressing the fire button 5 times.

How long do VooPoo Vapes last?

VooPoo vapes are extremely durable and can last a long time, although you will have to change their Pnp coils and charge the kits before using them. Usually a charged kit lasts 24 hours.