Apps That Are Helping Smokers To Quit During Lockdown

Given the high risks that COVID-19 poses to smokers, more people are seeking to quit smoking during the lockdown. According to an ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) survey, more than a million people have stopped smoking since the pandemic hit the UK. While there are several factors that have led to this decline, the role of quit smoking apps is significant. This article will look into some of the eminent quit smoking apps that are helping smokers to quit during lockdown.

  1. QuitNow! Quit Smoking
    Google Play: Rating - 4.6* (53K Reviews) | Size - 12 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 1M+

    QuitNow! is a free app with in-app purchases and is divided into four sections. The first section is a no-smoking counter that shows the number of days, cigarettes avoided, and money saved. The second section showcases your achievements followed by a community of non-smokers, and final is the health section that showcases your latest health improvements.

  2. Smoke Free: Quit Smoking Now and Stop for good
    Google Play: Rating - 4.7* (53K Reviews) | Size - 19 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 1M+

    Smoke Free is a free app with in-app purchases that follows a scientific approach. Besides the usual smoking counter and money saved, it offers a completely new section dedicated to your cravings. You can add your cravings and monitor them through graphs and progressions. This helps you to manage your cravings effectively and quit smoking.

  3. SmokeFree - quit smoking slowly
    Google Play: Rating - 4.3* (9K Reviews) | Size - 9.7 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 500K+

    SmokeFree is a free app that follows a target based quitting approach. The moment you setup the app, you will be asked your frequency of smoking and in how many days you want to make yourself smoke free. Based on that, the app sets a daily smoking target, where the number of cigarettes is reduced with every passing day until it becomes zero.

  4. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking
    Google Play: Rating - 4.7* (102K Reviews) | Size - 4.2 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 1M+

    Quit Tracker is a free app with in-app purchases that basically acts as a smoking tracker. It is a basic app that shows important parameters like smoke free time, money saved, life regained, tips, and motivational quotes. It is more of a tracker that you can look into to motivate yourself and ensure that you are going on the right path and will be smoke free soon.

  5. Stop Smoking - EasyQuit free
    Google Play: Rating - 4.8* (79K Reviews) | Size - 9.3 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 1M+

    Stop Smoking is a free app that lets you manage a lot of parameters ranging from money saved to health aspects and cravings. You will earn badges for unlocking achievements and you can also use the slow mode to customise the speed of quitting to suit your life-style. The only let-down is the free ads that pop-up every time you open a section of the app.

  6. Flamy - quit smoking & become a non-smoker
    Google Play: Rating - 4.8* (11K Reviews) | Size - 7.5 MB | Rated for - 3+ | Downloads - 500K+

    Flamy is a free app with in-app purchases that is straight to the point. The free version converts quitting smoking into an accomplishment and offers a 14-day rapid liberation challenge. It also allows you to challenge your friends to motivate each other. The paid version of the app offers a slow and customised quitting plan that challenges you to quit as per your pace.

Quitting smoking is a long and tedious journey, and a little assistance in the form of a free app is always encouraging. We hope you will try one of these apps as an aid to quitting smoking during the lockdown and become smoke-free soon.