Black Ice By Vampire Vape Review

Vampire Vape is one of the oldest UK made e-liquid companies, creating incredible flavours since 2012. Vampire Vape started off with just 12 flavours, and have now increased that to well over 30! And that’s just the 10ml line we are focusing on today! Other great lines from them include;


konceptXIX - these brilliant flavours come in 50ml shortfill form, and include flavours like Get Cubed, which is a sweet cola cube flavour, and All Day Grape, which is a delicious grape and ice menthol.


Vlads VG - these little beauties e-liquids come in 10ml bottles and feature some of the original 10ml classics but in a higher VG! They have also added some new flavours such as Blue Gun, which is a tasty blueberry bubblegum, and The Ryder, which is an indulgent strawberry doughnut!


Vampire Vape Shortz  - this range was introduced in 2018 and was inspired by the nation's favourite beverages! It includes flavours such as Cool Blue Slush, which an invigorating blend of blueberries and raspberries along with an icy cool finish, and Sourade, which is a flavour that captures the ripeness of lemon, with an added sour punch.


The line we are taking our main focus of this review from, is the 10ml Vampire Vape. There are some amazing and crazy flavours in this line including the ever so popular Heisenberg, a hard one to miss, its bright blue! Then of course they have the tasty Pinkman, and our focus, Black Ice!


Flavour profile


The award winning Black Ice… Here is how Vampire Vape has described it:


“Our classic Black Jack blend has been flipped on its head with a chilling menthol blast. This hard-hitting flavour is bursting with flavour, giving both a tasty and refreshing vape.

The aniseed and menthol blend offer a clean and crisp throat hit that hits the sweet spot every vaper is on the hunt for”.

Sounds crazy good right?! Should make for an interestingly fresh vape!!


First Impressions

Vampire Vape have kept their image fairly clean and simple, still ensuring they will get noticed if they were clustered with other e-liquids by using their signature purple colour, and of course that devilish vampire they use within their memorable logo.


So as we said before, Black Ice comes in a 10ml bottle, immediately we know the brand is Vampire Vape from the dark violet purple beaming from the lid and label.


The first thing we notice on the label is the words ‘Vampire Vape’ in a bold, blood red font, plastered across the middle. Then directly below that you will see the flavour, ‘Black Ice’ this time in a much smaller font and plain white, not super noticeable, but you will know where to look if you become a lover of the Vampire Vape brand!


In the top right corner of the label you will see the nicotine strength, these e-liquids will be available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

Then as it is with most e-liquids, all of the important information will be displayed on the back of the bottle. You will also see that this e-liquid is a 60/40 VG/PG mix, so these are more beneficial when used in a mouth to lung device.




Now moving on to the smell test, a very important part when trying out new e-liquids, as if you don’t like the smell, your subconscious mind will more than likely tell you that you don’t like it before you even taste it! This also helps to detect any other flavours that may not be noticeable when tasting the e-liquid.


So once you have broken the seal of that playful purple lid, the first scent you will smell is aniseed. It is quite a strong smell, imagine you have just gone to your favourite childhood sweet shop and cracked open the lid of a tub of those nostalgic blackjack sweets! You may also notice that there is a slight detection of mint that gives the thought of this being quite refreshing.




Now for the main event, the taste test!


Even with this smaller and more simple e-liquid, we are still going to break this up into sections to see what we can taste and when the flavours appear while vaping it.




Vampire Vapes Black Ice will rapidly engulf your tastebuds with that potent aniseed flavour, again, like you have just chomped down on a handful of blackjack sweets!




The flavour doesn’t change too greatly as of yet, but there is a slight mintiness that emerges and adds a little sweetness to the flavour.




With the powerful aniseed flavour still taking the lead role, you get the pleasure of an icy cool undertone. This keeps the flavours fresh and exciting!




The aftertaste Vampire Vape Black Ice leaves you with is an exquisite and tongue tingling mixture of strong aniseed with that icy cool kick. The coldness really helps to accentuate the anissed, and only improves the flavour with each inhale you indulge in!


Cloud production


Now as we discovered earlier, Black Ice by Vampire Vape is a 60/40 VG/PG, and is best used in a mouth to lung device. The vapour production is little more than a cigarette and of course is more suitable for those looking to mimic the intake of a cigarette.


So if you are a big time cloud chaser who is looking to fill a room with plumes of vapor, this is not the one for you. All in all, Black Ice has little to no cloud production, however is still satisfactory on the inhales!


Final thoughts


Black Ice by Vampire Vape is the perfect flavour if you are looking to reminisce on those childhood favourite blackjack sweets, and have a love for anything cool and menthol!


The slight sweetness from the very dominating aniseed helps to keep it at a manageable level, while the icy cool kick at the exhale will keep it refreshing and ensure that aniseed never gets old or too much to handle.


The strong flavours incorporated in this e-liquid come together to create a weird and wonderful flavour sensation that excites your tastebuds with every inhale, and the coolness gives it a more than exemplary throat hit.

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