Dinner Lady Orange Tart Review

Dinner Lady are one of our most popular brands, and a UK vape company that is quite literally on the lips of vapers all over around the country. They have been in the market since 2016, getting bigger and better every year – and the amazing feedback we get on Dinner Lady Orange Tart bears testament to that.

Before we get into our Dinner Lady Orange Tart review, just a little more about the brand. They are becoming more and more popular globally and have won multiple awards for their impeccable range of vape e-liquids. They are renowned for using top quality ingredients manufactured in the UK. 

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Dinner Lady Orange Tart Review

Dinner Lady Orange Tart review 

Let’s start with the brand name. Now I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Dinner Lady”, I think of those nostalgic school desserts we all used to look forward to after a long morning of school work!

Quite fitting really, seeing as the whole Dinner Lady range is based around those classic delicious desserts.

So on to the review of the intriguing Orange tart.

The Flavour Profile

The flavour description from the Dinner Lady website has said it is as follows: A creamy zesty orange base on a bed of sweet pastry, with a subtle hint of biscuit crunch.

Sounds simple and scrumptious right? Let’s get down to business and see if it lives up to expectations!

First Impressions:

Of course, the first thing we always notice is the bottle, and Dinner Lady Bottles are always eye catching and brightly coloured! Orange Tart is beautifully owning a flamboyant sunset orange that literally captivates your attention, which is great, after all, we buy with our eyes first and foremost right?

All of the Dinner Lady dessert range come in a 60ml glass bottle with a dripper and childproof cap. The bottle also has a seal around the cap to prevent tampering of the bottle and liquid.

The bottle itself stylishly carries off a vintage vibe, really looking like it should be sat neatly on the table of a retro 50’s diner!

The labelling also fits perfectly with the retro vibes, with its bold, elegant font that clearly displays the brand name and flavour of the e-juice.

We can see this is a 60ml bottle and a 70/30 VG/PG mix. On the back of the bottle we have all the important information such as the warning labels, expiry date, batch number, where it’s manufactured etc.


As soon as you crack open that retro bottle and the scent hits your eager nostrils, you are instantly met with orange. Not super citrusy, but more like a sweet candied orange, or creamy orange.

It gives the impression of those orange creams biscuits you may still find in some stores, or even the classic Fry’s orange cream chocolate bars! Whatever it is, it’s a definite orange, and it's definitely sweet and creamy.


When tasting a new vape liquid, you can’t just take a puff and think “yeah, that’s alright.” or “Nope, not for me.” You want to dissect it, and really pick out each of the particular flavours, and at which point they are recognizable, and how it all feels whilst you are vaping it!

We are going to be dividing this up for you ladies and gents, just to give you a deeper evaluation of each and every part of the vaping experience


The first taste you get from Dinner Lady Orange tart is slightly unexpected. Of course you immediately get the orange flavour, but this now has more of a citrus vibe, or zestiness if you wish. There is a slight hint of cream here, nothing majorly noticeable, just a background flavour.


Before you exhale, you want to roll that vapor around a little, really let it seep into your taste buds, only then you will begin to notice that the orange flavour starts to change slightly, becoming more pronounced. The orange is definitely more of a confectionary than a fresh orange.

Nonetheless, it is still full of flavour! It gives off a slight marmalade flavour. You will also detect that sweet biscuit base coming through, not quite a pastry, and not like a crunchy biscuit, its somewhere in between, like a warm, soft baked sugar cookie!


On the exhale, Dinner Lady Orange Tart lets out a delicious creamy flavour, like velvet when it leaves your tongue. Then blended with that biscuit base to form the perfect balance of cream and crunch. That fruity orange that was so prominent before is now fading into the background as the cream takes the lead.


The aftertaste Orange Tart leaves you with is a warm and well balanced concoction of a mouth-watering biscuit like pastry, smooth silky cream, and a lingering taste of a sticky orange marmalade.

As we discovered previously, Dinner Lady Orange Tart is a 70/30 mix, so as you’d expect, the cloud production is going to be pretty decent! Depending on what device or tank you are using, you could fill a room quite easily, however the clouds will disperse much faster than they would with a max VG e-juice.

Dinner Lady Orange Tart is a perfect blend of a trio of flavours; a sweet, sticky jam like orange, a light, warm and full flavoured biscuit pastry base, and a sweet velvety cream, so smooth you can almost feel it gliding down your throat.

This e-juice is quite smooth with no harsh throat hit, yet leaves you feeling more than satisfied. Although Orange Tart is a sweet blend of flavours, each one has been perfectly balanced so that none of them are too overpowering and so that the e-juice dies not cause a sickly, “too much” feeling.

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