Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard Review

Dinner Lady are a well known UK vape company and seem to be on the lips of vapers all over around the globe! 

Established in 2016, they have only gotten bigger and better, and are taking the vaping industry by storm. 

Becoming more and more popular in over 80 countries and winning multiple awards for their impeccable range of tempting vape liquids, they have created some of the most desireable vape liquids known to man. 

Dinner Lady are quoted as saying that they are committed to using top quality ingredients manufactured in the UK, and cleary it’s paying off. 

They have gained some serious notoriety, but for all the right reasons, Dinner Lady really pride themselves on producing only the finest vape liquids, and today, we are focusing on Strawberry Custard.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard Review 

Let’s start with the brand name, now I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Dinner Lady”, I think of those nostalgic school desserts we all used to look forward to after a long morning of school work!

Quite fitting really, seeing as the whole Dinner Lady range is based around those classic delicious desserts!


dinner lady strawberry custard


The flavour profile Dinner Lady has given it is - ‘Natural strawberry is balanced against sweet, creamy custard and butter caramel’ 

So you’ve had Dinner Lady’s thoughts, now it’s time for our verdict! 

First impressions 

Immediately we can see that signature glass bottle, in all it’s retro styled glory.

This time in a vivid scarlet red, which will certainly be what you will notice first, and of course, cleverly fitting with the strawberry element. 

Like any other Dinner Lady bottle you will come across, all of the necessary information you need is clearly and professionally displayed.      

The brand name and flavour are easily visible and are perfectly laid out in that well known exquisite vintage design. Then we have the expiry date, VG/PG mix, batch number and of course all of those all important warnings on the back.


Any vaper, experienced or new on the scene, knows just how impossible it is to buy a new vape juice and not have a little smell of it before immersing your fresh coil into it! 

Upon opening the Strawberry Custard and revealing the glass dripper, you are promptly hit with an enticing scent of newly picked strawberries, smothered in a fresh, naturally sweet velvet cream. 

The entrancing smell of this Strawberry Custard really draws you in and gets you super hyped to vape it! So let’s crack on with the exciting taste test! 


Okay, so when tasting vape liquids, we like to break it down into 3 sections to furthermore detect each and every note incorporated in the flavour, especially with flavours that consist of more than one component. 


On first inhale, there is no harsh throat hit, just a smooth, almost velvety feel on your palate and throat, a real satisfying intake of those tasty, ripe strawberries we mentioned in the smell test. 

They are still very dominant here, really captivating, practically as if someone has pureed a fresh handful of strawberries and placed the bowl directly in front of you. 

You also still get an undertone of that luxurious, soft cream flavour, perhaps this is the custard trying to make a subtle appearance?

Other than that, there is no real presence of any custard as of yet. 


With that indulgent strawberry flavour still going strong and being the main component, you are now greeted with more of a sugary approach, however it still is not overly sweet. 

The creamy, rich custard begins to creep in and make itself known, it isn’t too heavy, but more of a base note to help carry over that delicate strawberry flavour.

With a little experimenting, we found If you would prefer the custard element to be even more prominent, we suggest opening the airflow of your tank or dripper to its maximum. 

Exhale and aftertaste 

Most important is exhale and aftertaste, it needs to be exquisite, as this the last flavour we are left with, and how we will remember the taste. 

Towards the end, the buttery, rich custard taste finally makes its grand entrance and swoops in to take the lead, becoming the ultimate centre flavour. 

All the while, the succulent strawberry taste that was so prominent at the start, slowly dies off and fades into the background. You can tell it’s still there, but it has been overtaken. The strawberry has now become the undertone in this flavour. 

Strawberry Custard leaves you with a very clean aftertaste, and we believe this to be down to the vape juice not having a very high sugar content. 

There’s no need to wash away any sickly flavour, or sticky feeling, instead it leaves you with a slightly strawberry contaminated caramel taste. 

And take note that this is the first real sign of the caramel flavour in this vape juice, which we think is a delightful way to finish this delicacy, but you try it for yourselves and see what you think! 

Cloud production 

Dinner lady is a 70/30 mix, as we previously noted beforehand. Do not expect to fill a room with super thick clouds, as even though the clouds you will produce will be rather dense, they will disperse a short amount of time after. 

Final thoughts 

Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard is a delicate trio of ripe strawberries, creamy custard, and buttery caramel that blend beautifully together to create an implosion of sheer joy whiel you vape it. This really makes for an indulgent yet not overpowering vape. 

We think this would be a great transition vape for those of you who are interested in trying your first dessert flavour but don’t wish to dive straight into the deep end with super sweet, sugary vape liquids. 

Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard most certainly qualifies as an all day vape.

It’s definitely a more than pleasurable experience with the well thought out, constant rotation of indulgent flavours, never leaving you bored or unsatisfied!

We hope you enjoyed our Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard review.

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