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Green Ape by Nasty Juice Review

Nasty juice is a widely known E-liquid brand crafted in Tampin, Malaysia.

Founded by Pak Din and partner Mr. Loque, Nasty Juice erupted onto the vaping scene in 2015 and has grown exponentially in the UAE, USA, Birmingham, Poland and Paris!

 It has been collecting awards ever since like ‘menthol/mint of the show’ -  The Vaper Expo UK 2018, ‘Best Fruit’ - Vape Expo Poland 2016, and ‘Best Branding and Marketing’ - Vapouround Awards 2017 and 2018!

 We can most definitely see how they have lapped up all of their awards, their design is incredible, they carry a playful and daring look with bright, colourful imagery and their uniqueness is not to be forgotten!

 Nasty Juice has brought out a number of exceptional E-liquid lines some of those being;

 Nasty balling, in which they created a whole new design for their bottle, instead of the dripper style, they made it in the form of a cocktail shaker, including a ball bearing inside for extra help in mixing your nicotine! Flavours include Hippie Trail, Migos Moon and more!

 Another notable line  is Nasty Juice’s 60ml range. These wonderfully designed bottles include shop favourites such as Slow Blow - a mild and refreshing pineapple lemonade, and A$AP Grape - a black grape punch. All of the flavours in this range will have a low mint incorporated into them, this gives them an extra refreshing kick and are great all day vapes!

The line we are digging into for this review is Nasty Juice’s Yummy Fruity Series!

Nasty Juice introduce this line up by saying, “ 60ml Yummy is a romantic, social adventure brought to you by Nasty Juice, the maker of the world's best fruity series. Join hands with your loved ones to explore these tasteful juices.”.

This series is made up of three tasty flavours; Trap Queen, which is ripe strawberries and low mint, Cush Man, which is a mango and low mint, and the flavour we are fixating on in this review, Green Ape! This is an apple and low mint, keep reading for a more in depth description of this delicious flavour!

Flavour profile

Looking at the Nasty Juice flavour description, this sounds like it’s going to have an exciting taste! They say, “ experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple e-juice. Just the right amount of sweetness and a little hint of tanginess of an apple that you are used to eating, best describes the real taste of this flavour. Take a ‘bite’ of an apple with Nasty Juice.”.

So a sweet and tangy apple, so let’s see if the taste can meet that brilliant flavour profile!

First impressions

I think we can all say that the first thing we will all notice when looking at a Nasty Juice e-liquid, is the extremely unique packaging. Many other high VG e-liquids usually just come in a standard bottle, yes, most of them may have their own intriguing designs, but nothing compared to Nasty Juice!

At first glance, we can all agree that the Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity Series is incredibly bright and colourful, with Trap Queen boasting pretty pinks, Cush Man in sunset yellow and orange, and Green Ape exhibiting an apple green!

Nasty Juice Green Ape yet again comes in a brilliantly designed aluminium tin, this one being somewhat different in style when compared to the others in the Nasty Juice 60ml range, yet still serving the same concept.

The tin is cylindrical in shape, which makes for a comfortable grip and a nice fit in the hand. It is coated in that lusciously fresh apple green colour, sure to make it stand out in a line up! On the lid, the intricate detailing of the vapor cloud only make the design more intriguing.

At the top section of the tin,  is the ever so memorable Nasty Juice logo in a darker green, then just below that, the flavour ‘Green Ape’, with a little green apple sitting next to it, which, i guess comes in handy as an indication as to what the flavour is. Further down the tin we can see this e-juice includes low mint, is a 60ml bottle, and is a 70/30 mix.

On the back of the tin is that easily recognisable illustration of the ‘Nasty old man’ with a funky new look dressed in pink and blowing some tasty clouds, no doubt vaping Green Ape of course!

Now onto that ingenious, highly polished aluminium bottle! One of the reasons that Nasty Juice has used aluminium for the bottle, is that it ensures that the quality and taste of its contents remains unchanged and preserved no matter what.

This stunning bottle uses a dripper to dispense the e-liquid, and of course is child proof. The design from the aluminium box is carried on throughout the bottle, this time the background being that beautifully polished silver. Those apple and leafy green colours are still being used to display the fonts of the logo and the flavour. On the side of the bottle is that ‘Nasty old man’ again looking cool and loving life!


Now we come to the smell test, just as important as the rest, because you really need to enjoy the scent an E-liquid gives off to really appreciate the taste and if it’s not great, it will surely put you off at the thought of vaping it!

Once you have opened that innovative bottle, you will instantly recognize the fresh, crisp scent of apple! And it really does smell like fresh apples, some e-juice companies go for the candied apple taste and can sometimes go overboard on the sweetness.



We are going to break this up for you so we can better detect and pinpoint each flavour included in Nasty Juice’s Green Ape!


Upon first inhale, you soon realise it tastes exactly as it smells, fresh apples! It really is like you have just bitten into a ripe, juicy and crisp apple! There is a sweetness to the apple flavour, but it’s only subtle!


There is a sharpness that introduces itself here, the apple flavour is still very dominant, but you really get to grips with each flavour sensation that comes along with it, the slight sweetness counteracts the sharpness from the juicy apple.


As you exhale, the sweet flavours start to intensify, changing up the flavour and knocking out the sharpness. It still isn’t too sweet and doesn’t give off a candy vibe, the low mint really helps with that and keeps it fresh.


Green Ape by Nasty Juice leaves you feeling as if you have just finished off a delicious granny smith apple! Crunchy, tart and a little sweet!

Cloud production

As we noticed previously, Green Ape by Nasty Juice is a 70/30 mix, which is pretty much your standard high VG ratio.

This creates some pretty decent clouds, not super dense, but you will definitely have fun forcing your friends to walk through clouds of apple scented vapor!!

Final thoughts

Green Ape by Nasty Juice is definitely one to beat when it comes to creating great apple flavours! They have added just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to create the perfect tasting apple flavoured e-juice! It’s smooth on the inhale and exciting on the exhale! Just another one of Nasty Juice’s brilliant concoctions!

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