How to Quit Smoking Using Vape

How to Quit Smoking Using Vape

There are many benefits of vaping over smoking which has been backed by research and studies. Cancer Research UK even support vaping in their fight against cancer. There are also financial benefits when switching to vape. If you are smoking an average of 20 cigarettes at £11 a day you’d save £3,402.95 a year - just from quitting cigarettes and using a vape. You can calculate how much you’d personally save using the Smoking v. Vaping: Savings Calculator here. While transitioning to vaping can be a lot easier than quitting cigarettes cold turkey, it doesn’t come without its own set of hurdles to overcome. To help you quit smoking and transition to vaping here are 6 things you should know.


Choose the right e-cigarette for you

Much like having a favourite brand of cigarettes, there will be a certain type of e-cigarette that you will prefer. Most transitioners start with e-cigarette pens as they mimic the action of taking a drag. However quality in pens can vary dramatically, and some can offer a weaker hit of nicotine which can deter smokers from vaping. A good starter kit with the correct juice is paramount to help kick the habit.  Starting with a device which has adjustable controls allows you to control what you vape and also help satisfy those nicotine cravings with an efficient ‘hit’. Check out the Pockex Starter Kit,or the similar but adjustable Aspire X30 Rover. These devices are more suited to beginners who are still finding their feet and need that important nicotine hit.



Choose the right nicotine strength

There are several levels of nicotine strength and it is important to understand which will be best for you. The typical levels you will find on the market are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. For a beginner who smokes an average amount, 6-12mg is a good place to start and will provide similar levels of nicotine to the cigarettes you currently smoke. If you are a particularly heavy smoke, you can start on 18mg. You can then look to gradually move down the strengths if you want to quit nicotine completely, one level at a time.


Understand PG and VG

When starting out vaping, a lot of acronyms will be thrown at you. Two of the most common are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycol). These form the basis of any vape liquid and then have flavourings and nicotine added to them. Often you will find liquids have various ratios of PG to VG so it is important to understand the difference.

PG is a runny, odourless and tasteless liquid - making it a great flavour carrier. It also is what helps create the throat hit that many former smokers will be looking for from vaping. VG is much thicker and it also creates a larger vapour cloud - perfect for cloud chasers.  However, if the aim is to stop smoking we recommend the starter kits and 50/50 PG/VG to stop the nicotine cravings.  

Starter kits combined with 50/50 juice and nicotine will give you the optimum chance of giving up smoking as the nicotine hits quicker with these products. During the early days of vaping the aim is to give up smoking by taming the nicotine cravings quickly.

Choosing a PG/VG mix is very much a personal choice, depending on what you want to get from your vape. The only thing to remember is that quality smaller pens and starter kits often require 50% PG liquids to ensure they do not become blocked. 

Choosing a PG/VG mix

Understanding the hardware 

Although vape mods can look quite intimidating when starting out, they really break down into 3 simple components: a battery, a coil and a tank.

When you fire your mod and suck on the tank, the liquid is drawn over the coil and heated up, turning into the vapour you breathe in.

Batteries can come in various sizes and can either be replaceable or fixed in your mod. It is important to always look after them and never use a mod that has been damaged.

Coils are disposable and can last anywhere between a few days to two weeks. With use, they gradually burn out which can damage the flavour of your vape as they become gunked up with the by-products of your juice of choice. This is especially true if using a high VG liquid. Make sure you know the size of coil your tank takes as there is a huge range available.

At their most basic, tanks are just a way to hold your liquid in place. They come in a variety of styles and sizes allowing you numerous customisation options for your device.

The important thing to remember is that vaping is different from smoking. It will feel different and you will have to take some time to adjust. However, with the great range available at Tidal Vape, we are sure you’ll be fully switched over in no time. Check out our range of vape tanks and hardware and selection of e-liquids.


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