The Voopoo Range: Top Vape Kits for Everybody

Voopoo brand stands out with its innovative and high-quality devices. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, Voopoo offers a product that fits your needs. At Tidal Vape, a leading vape shop in the UK with over 20 stores and a comprehensive online shop, we pride ourselves on offering the best of Voopoo's range. Here’s a deep dive into some of their top products available through our stores and online platform. 

Voopoo Argus GT II Kit

For those looking for cutting-edge technology, the Argus GT II Kit from Voopoo should not be overlooked. It combines durability with advanced features like the GENE.TT chipset, which allows for precise control and safety. Its rugged design makes it ideal for outdoor use, while the powerful output ensures a satisfying vaping experience. 

Voopoo Drag X2 Kit

The Voopoo Drag X2 Kit is perfect for vapers seeking a robust and stylish device. With a power output ranging from 5 to 80 watts, it caters to both direct lung and mouth-to-lung vapers. This kit is designed to use Voopoo’s 4th generation PnP X coils, which are renowned for their longevity and ability to deliver excellent flavour without frequent replacements. The adjustable airflow and ergonomic design make it a top choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality. 

Voopoo Doric Galaxy Vape Kit

A modern addition to the Voopoo lineup, the Doric Galaxy Vape Kit is renowned for its elegant design and impressive performance. This device offers a substantial battery and compatibility with the PnP coil series, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of vaping styles from a single device. Its simplicity combined with advanced features like intelligent coil recognition makes it a popular choice for vapers looking for a reliable daily device. 

VooPoo Drag X2 pod vape kit  

The VooPoo Drag X2 pod vape kit, the latest advancement in vaping that expertly marries practicality with elegance. This cutting-edge kit features a GENE.TT chip, which delivers quick ignition and stable power for an unparalleled vaping experience. Designed with comfort in mind, the Drag X2 sits comfortably in the hand and is built to endure. It offers long-lasting battery life, ensuring consistent performance all day. Additionally, its compatibility with the complete range of PnP coils allows for a customised vaping experience, making it a top choice for those looking for a dependable and straightforward vape kit, suitable for use anywhere. 

Voopoo Drag S2 Kit

The Voopoo Drag S2 Kit enhances the vaping experience with its sleek design and powerful capabilities. Ideal for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, the Drag S2 supports a wide range of Voopoo’s PnP coil series. It's portable yet powerful, offering adjustable wattage settings and equipped with a top-filling system for ease of use. The Drag S2 stands out for its versatility and user-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced vapers 

Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit

The Drag X Pod Kit is another standout product from Voopoo, combining high performance with convenience. Powered by a single 18650 battery, it can reach up to 80 watts of output power. The kit includes Voopoo’s PnP coil series, known for excellent flavour and vapour production. Its adjustable airflow system and innovative GENE.TT chip make it a top pick for vapers who prefer a customized vaping experience. 

Why Choose Voopoo Kits from Tidal Vape?

Choosing to buy your Voopoo kit from Tidal Vape means you benefit from expert advice and support from our knowledgeable staff. With over 20 locations across the UK and a robust online presence, we ensure that our customers receive the best service and the latest products. Our commitment to quality is evident in our selection of Voopoo products, each promising a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience. 

Visit us online or at any Tidal Vape store to explore more about the Voopoo range and find the perfect vape kit that suits your style and needs. Embrace the future of vaping today with Tidal Vape! 

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