What Are O-Rings Used for in Vaping?

If you have purchased any form of e-cigarette or vaping tank over the last couple of years, chances are you’ve seen those little rubber rings included in the package. Have you ever wondered what these mysterious O-rings are used for in vaping? Here’s the answer! 

O-rings are used in vaping to prevent juice from leaking out between the various tank components, or the glass and metal parts. When you buy a tank, you will normally get some extras included so you can replace an O-ring if it becomes lost, damaged, or torn. 

Can you buy replacement O-rings? 

Over time you might see that the O-ring on your tank is starting to wear out and break. The first sign of a worn O-ring will be some leakage as the tank will no longer be held securely and will start slipping around. 

They aren’t many vaping manufacturers who sell O-rings direct, but there is one rubber company we found where you can order replacements to your own specification. 

To find out more, head on over to Polymax’s website where you can specify the size you need, and even the material type (which we will talk about next). 

What are the best type of vaping O-rings? 

Most vaping O-rings are made from nitrile or neoprene. That’s probably what the ones with your tank are made from. 

Nitrile O-rings are economical and cheap to manufacture, being very strong and resistant to abrasion. Importantly, they can withstand temperatures of up to 120°C. 

It’s unlikely you would need anything more than this, but if you did want to mod your tank to use the very best materials available, you might want to consider Viton O-rings. 

Viton O-rings are extremely resistant to heat, withstanding temperatures of up to 250°C. They will also be more resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, aromatics, and solvents. 

To conclude, nitrile O-rings are used in most vaping products, and will be just fine for what you need them for. 

However, if you want to mod your tank to only use the best materials, even if you don’t need the high resistance they offer, buy some bespoke Viton O-rings. 

How to replace O-rings in a vaping tank 

There is no right or wrong answer for where O-rings go on a vape tank, as it will change dependent on your own product. 

However, some common places include: 

  1. When you unscrew your tank to replace the coil, look at the threads located at the bottom of the chimney. You should see a clear translucent O-ring, or possibly a white O-ring depending on your tank manufacturer.
  2. On other tanks, you might see some smaller white O-rings set between the glass.

The O-rings will be different from tank to tank, so consult your user manual for instructions on what O-rings are used where, as some could be larger or smaller, or a combination of both. 

Are O rings the same as vape bands? 

Don’t confuse O rings with vape bands. They are two very different things. 

A vape band is typically a rubber band with branding or a logo on. They first came about as promotional merchandise from the vaping companies, to be worn as finger bands by vapers. 

However, fast forward to today, and now they are more commonly used by vapers over the outside of the tank to protect the glass from damage. 

It’s an ingenious idea and it works really well! 

Even the most well-designed tank glass can shatter if dropped on the ground. By using a vape band around the glass part, it will add an extra layer or protection to your tank. 

Just like you might buy a rubberised case for your smartphone, a vape band can work in a similar way. 

You could just replace your tank completely 

If you cannot find any suitable replacement O-rings used for vaping, it might be time to upgrade and change your tank. 

At Tidal Vape we have a wide range of atomizer tanks for your vaping device, and only stock the very best. 

Just remember; when you buy a replacement tank please check first that it will be compatible with your vaping mod. 

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