What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

So you have finally decided to make the switch and try your hand at vaping? Well chances are you’ve come across the terms ‘mouth to lung’ and ‘direct to lung’, and if you’re brand new to vaping it’s probably left you feeling confused and discouraged. 

The vaping industry is only getting bigger day by day, with new devices entering the scene, how do you know which one you will need? 

Well worry no more, it’s not as complicated as it seems! We are here to explain everything you need to know! 

What is mouth to lung vaping? Mouth to lung vaping in its simplest form, is inhaling vapor into your mouth and letting it linger there for a while before inhaling it into your lungs. 

This form of vaping is particularly favoured by ex-smokers or smokers transitioning from cigarettes to a vape, due to it being so identical to the way cigarettes are smoked. 

Mouth to lung vaping benefits

Seeing as vaping was initially designed to mimic smoking a cigarette, mouth to lung is definitely the most recommended, and most ideal way to go for an ex-smoker looking to get their first set up. 

Another benefit of mouth to lung vaping is the ability to get a better taste of the flavours you’re vaping. The fact you are letting it linger on your tongue for a while, allows the flavours to really penetrate your tastebuds. 

Do I need a specific device for mouth to lung vaping? 

One of the best things for you to remember, is that not all devices are designed for mouth to lung vaping 

When you walk into a vape store, or are browsing online, you may be attracted to the big jazzy looking devices, which of course certainly look the part, but may not be what you need to curb your smoking habit.

These vapes tend to be aimed at vapers who enjoy a ‘direct to lung’ vaping experience, which we will go into further detail in another segment, but the gist of it is exactly how it sounds, vaping directly into the lung. 

There is a certain hierarchy when it comes to vaping and the devices; beginners, experienced, and professionals. 

For those of you who are beginners and want to quit those nasty cigarettes, you want to go for a more appropriate device, these tend to be the smaller looking ones, such as the PockeX, NX30 Rover, or really any pod system. 

All of these devices will have little to none airflow control, which will give you an advantage when it comes to flavour and throat hit.

When the airflow is cut off, the vapor is forced out at a faster rate which will give you a better throat hit.

It’s also known that the more air that passes through your tank, the cooler your vapor will be, so when the airflow is closed off, your vapor will be nice and warm, giving you maximum flavour. 

Mouth to lung devices inhabit a coil that is anything above 1.0ohm, this means you vape at a lower temperature and lower wattage than you would with a direct to lung device, thus creating less vapor than a direct to lung device, allowing you to get just the right amount on your inhale. 

Another important feature of this is the tight draw. The tight draw is such an important aspect when it comes to mouth to lung vaping, giving you a brilliant vaping experience. 

In some of the older tanks and devices, the coil is already integrated with the tank itself, so the one you buy is the one you’re stuck with. 

However these days there are so many new devices on the market that have a removable coil, and in most cases, come with two different Ohm coils. One being a higher resistance than the other, so for example, it may come with a 1.8ohm and a 0.5 ohm, we would suggest using the 1.8ohm to start with if this is your first time, just because it will be the option closest to the feeling of smoking. 

Then once you feel you are ready, you can just work your way up to the next coil, and from there you will know which one you would like to continue purchasing as your replacement coils. 

Mouth to lung devices do not produce mass amounts of vapor, if anything they produce little more vapor than a cigarette does smoke, so no need to worry about clouding out a room! 

Do I need particular vape liquids for mouth to lung vaping? 

As we established previously, mouth to lung vaping works best with mouth to lung devices, which have smaller coils, and yes, there are certain liquids that work best with these devices and give you a much better vaping experience. 

Every vape liquid will contain a certain percentage of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin, and depending on the ratio, each one will affect your overall vape experience differently. 

The propylene glycol in vape liquids is used to create that satisfying throat hit when vaping, hence why liquids with a higher PG percentage work so well for ex-smokers. 

Mouth to lung vaping will always work best with a 50/50 VG/PG mix, they will perfectly mimic the experience of smoking. Anything higher than a 50% VG liquid tends to clog your coils and burn them out a lot faster. 

How long will it take to get used to vaping as an ex-smoker?

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes, it’s 95% less harmful and an estimated 2.9 million adults are currently using E-cigarettes, 1.5 million of those people have completely given up cigarettes. 

As helpful as vaping is, it is of course in some ways totally different to smoking a cigarette, and you may be worried about it not being the right path for you. 

Most first time vapers do tend to have a slight cough when they first start vaping, although mouth to lung vaping is very similar to smoking, you will be able to tell the difference. 

Do not be discouraged and give up on the spot, this is super common and will soon pass, it just takes a little while for your body and mind to get used to that new feeling. Part of that cough will be down to the rest of the toxins leaving your body if you have quit smoking recently. 

If you have given it your best shot and you still have a slight cough, or if your throat is feeling irritated, this is most probably a case of there being too much nicotine in your vape juice. 

Most new vapers are eager to grab the highest nicotine there is because they believe the higher the nicotine, the better it will work. 

This most certainly is not the case, having too much nicotine will cause you to have a terrible vaping experience and will likely turn you off vaping forever. 

Getting the right amount of nicotine will make for a more pleasurable vape, and will give you a much smoother delivery. 

Any member of staff in our stores will be more than happy to talk you through your personal smoking habit and get you on the right strength of nicotine. 

So once you have the correct device, correct nicotine strength, and a great flavour, the next important thing is your mindset.

It is a lot easier to transition if you actually want to vape instead of smoking, so hopefully we have given you a good enough insight here and encouraged you to go for it!

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