How can E-Cigarettes help me reduce and ideally give up smoking?

As anyone who smokes knows and has tried, giving up smoking is not easy. E-Cigarettes can be used to replace your traditional smoking, with significant success if you follow our guidance.

Why use E-Cigarettes instead of traditional smoking?

E-Cigarettes have until recently received mixed press supporting their benefits, with many concerns about the consequence of using this product. Health organisations are now starting to promote the use of E-Cigarettes and whilst we cannot independently verify, we would refer you to a recent publication on the NHS website, indicating that E-Cigarettes are 95% healthier than traditional smoking. Kindly refer to below link

Why do some people try E-Cigarettes, but still smoke or after a while give up vaping?

Until recently the nicotine effect from vaping has not easily replicated smoking and even using high nicotine liquid, does not give quite the same effect in the same way. Innovation in the industry has now evolved salt based nicotine liquids, that now parallel the experience of smoking when taken using the right device.

To help anyone reduce and ideally quit smoking we recommend the following steps

This may sound too easy, but we have real examples of many people on this journey with great success and very quickly reporting their feedback on how better they feel. We will include our testimonials in our website content to help you hear from our Customers following this guidance

Different to other techniques to give up smoking this allows you to retain many of the habits of smoking, but ultimately without the health damaging effects. We really want to hear from anyone trying to give up smoking, so we can pass on all possible practical advice

Very best of luck from all at Vape Delicatessen, on your journey to reduce and ideally eliminate traditional smoking