What is the right device for me?

In choosing a device the first decision is do you want to replicate traditional smoking and achieve a mouth to lung experience or do you want a pure vaping experience straight to lung.

The mouth to lung devices are typically referred to as starter kits. These devices are typically designed to operate with lower VG liquids, but with higher nicotine content.

The straight to lung devices are referred as intermediary kits and are designed to operate with more varied VG liquid content and move towards enabling a bigger cloud experience whilst vaping.

If you become serious about your vaping and want to experience the full experience of the flavours available and produce spectacular clouds, then we have Mechanical mods and RDA’s to attain the full experience of vaping. These devices require specific knowledge to set up and maintain and should only be used if you know how to professionally operate, to ensure a Safe vaping experience. We are very concerned about your safety and would want to know you recognise the requirements to safely vape with this equipment.

We at Vape Delicatessen have hand selected specific devices that we believe to be the best in the Industry in their class. We consequently do not select a wide range of hardware to ensure we only offer you the best. We follow the industry closely to ensure the best products are available to our Customers.

What is the right liquid for me and my device?

The first distinction on liquids is to understand the VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content. VG is derived from Vegetable Oil and has a light sweet taste vapourising at low temperatures.

  • Low VG content liquids (< 50%) are used in starter kits and typically come with a higher nicotine content
  • High VG content liquids (> 50%) are thicker and enable greater clouds to be produced. These liquids can typically be used in intermediary and mechanical mod devices

Low VG Liquids (<50%)

These liquids are typically used in devices to replicate smoking and being thinner do not produce the same cloud effect as high VG liquids. The liquid also contains a high proportion of PG (Propylene Glycol) which creates a throat hit similar to the effects of smoking. PG is non-toxic, without odour or smell and vapourises at around 50 degrees Celsius.

Innovation in the industry has brought us salt based nicotine liquids like Dr Salt, that gets very close to replicating the effect of smoking. We also have a wide range of fantastic brands offering a wide array of flavour experiences to your specific taste. The flavour experience is harder to achieve in a lower VG liquid, however you will find some incredible flavour notes in the brands we have very deliberately hand selected from all over the World. Our goal is to seek the very best brands from all parts of the Globe to give you the very best flavours available

High VG Liquids (>50%)

These liquids are much thicker and consequently enable the production of big clouds when coupled with the right device. These liquids can carry amazing flavour experiences, much like a gourmet restaurant would offer. We have very much enjoyed finding you the very best and often complex flavour experiences, delivered through the high VG liquids. Just make sure you have the right device to fully experience their potential

Alternative Liquids

Organic Liquids

Emerging into the market are organic flavour liquids, where the raw flavour product is extracted direct from the ingredient producing the flavour. This leads to an authentic taste, allowing you to really appreciate the flavour of the raw ingredients.

Hemp Based Liquid Products, often referred as CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of 400 compounds found in cannabis and belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. It is extracted from the hemp plant and is non-psychoactive. These products do not contain nicotine. Please make sure you carefully understand the benefits of this product.