Collection: 200ml Shortfill E-Liquids

200ml shortfill e-liquids are one of the biggest shortfills that you can buy. They come with 200ml of e-liquid and 40ml free space to add four nic shots. Being shortfills, they have 0mg nicotine strength, high VG/PG ratio in excess of 60/40, and are available in several mind-blowing flavours.

To vape a 200ml shortfill, you will have to add 4*10ml nicotine shots to produce 240ml of e-liquid with 3mg nicotine strength. If you want to produce higher nicotine strengths, you will have to add more nic shots. However, you will need a new container as the bottle can hold only 240ml.

If you are someone who cannot live without your daily dose of vapour, 200ml e-liquids are meant for you. They are pocket-friendly and offer high nicotine flexibility. They are truly the ‘King of Good Times’. No matter how frequently you vape, a 200ml e-liquid bottle will never let you down.

At Tidal Vape, we have a vast collection of 200ml e-liquids that are available in a wide range of flavours ranging from fruits to desserts, and berries to candies. Check out our product page to select from the most popular e-liquid brands and grab some really great discounts and offers.

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