Collection: Aspire Coils

Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that is known around the world for its mind blowing products and great customer service. Established in 2013, it has become a leading brand in the vaping industry with many vaping stores worldwide. It is considered a pioneer in innovation and its Nautilus series along with BVC coils allowed adjustable airflow for the first time, which completely changed the world of vape.

Aspire offers various amazing kits that cater to all kinds of vapers and an essential component of these kits are the coils. While the Nautilus, BVC, and Cleito are some of the most frequently used coils, there are some kit/tank specific coils too such as Guroo, Odan, Cloudflask, Pockex, BP, etc. All these coils are made of premium alloys and use organic cotton wicking. Make sure you prime them before use.

At Tidal Vape, we have replacement coils for all Aspire kits that we stock. Available in a range of prices, we have many options that will support both MTL and sub-ohm tanks. Make sure that you check the compatibility of the coil with your kit before buying to ensure a seamless replacement. If you have any queries, feel free to consult our well-informed staff and they will help you in buying the right coils.

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