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Berry fruits are undoubtedly the most vaper friendly e-liquid flavours in the market. They have a sweet and sour flavour profile with a pleasant aroma beside their amazing blending capabilities, which makes them a key ingredient in numerous e-liquid combinations. Bursting with rich flavours from a variety of luscious wild berries, these e-liquids are simply irresistible.

These liquids capture the essence of ripe and juicy berry fruits, and their taste resembles to eating the same berry fruits. Some of the most liked berries are strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Some of the most admired berry combinations are berries and menthol, berries and cola, berries and candy, berries and cream, and berries and different fruits.

Berry fruit e-liquids come in different ratios of VG and PG based on the type of e-liquid. 10ml nic salts generally come in a 50/50 or low VG ratios, whereas shortfills come in high VG ratios of 60/40 or more. Some of our popular berry brands are Froot, Beyond, Lucky Thirteen, Bubonic, Bling, Zeus, Riot Squad, Mojo, etc. Check out our products pages for some exciting offers.

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