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A quick history lesson. Younger vapers won’t believe this, but back in the day a lad of just 7 could be sent round to the local newsagents to buy 20 Embassy cigarettes for his father with no questions asked. I should know, I was that lad. The tagline for this particular brand was ‘inhale to your heart’s content’. There were no cigarettes hidden behind cupboard doors, or nasty pictures on the packs. In fact, you had to fight your way through the cigarette point of sale materials just to get to the counter.
As for Bling, no one knew what it was back then. It had nothing to do with jewellery and certainly nothing to do with vaping. No one knew what vaping was. Nowadays there are more vape brands than there ever were cigarette brands. But in a fast-changing world beautifully packaged Bling e-juices recall sweet flavours that were extremely popular back in those far off days. Each Bling vape you enjoy is a little trip down confectionery lane and you should inhale to your heart’s content.

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