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Jinx is a range of entrancing fruit-flavoured e-liquids that taste unlike any other e-liquid you have tried before. The range comprises of five spellbinding flavours that provide a new twist and turn with every hit. These uniquely formulated e-liquids maintain the natural sweetness of fruit combinations without being too sweet or bland. Thanks to their pleasant throat hit, they can be vaped all-day long.

The five e-liquids in the Jinx range are - Blueberry & Cherry, Raspberry & Rhubarb, Blackberry & Pear, Banana & Apricot, and Pineapple & Grapefruit. All these flavours have a sour undertone that produces a tongue tickling sensation, while being sweet overall with a soft hit. Jinx is an emerging e-liquid house in the UK, that makes its liquids from superior quality ingredients in ISO certified cleanrooms.

All the five e-liquids in the Jinx range are available as 100ml shortfills with 70% VG concentration and zero nicotine. The bottle comes with 20ml extra space to add two nic shots of your preferred strength. For instance, two 18mg nic shots will yield 120ml of liquid with 3mg nicotine. These are high VG liquids and work the best with sub-ohm kits. They are a great option for cloud chasers and connoisseurs.

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