Collection: Moreish Puff Shakes 100ml Shortfill

Experience the delightful range of Moreish Puff Shakes 100ml Shortfill e-liquids, perfect for any vaper seeking rich, smooth flavours. This lineup includes six enticing options: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Blueberry, Shamrock, and Banana.  
Each bottle of Moreish Puff Shakes shortfill offers a generous 100ml of vape juice, expertly blended with a 70vg/30pg ratio for a satisfying cloud and silky taste, all without nicotine. Dive into the full-bodied taste sensations of Moreish Puff Shakes, available in various captivating flavours to enhance your vaping journey. Choose your favourite and enjoy a truly satisfying vape experience every time. 

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