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Orchard Press is a popular e-liquid brand based in the UK that specialises in orchard fruit blends packed with a cider punch. These mouthwatering liquids have a sparkling cider base that is infused with fresh from the orchard fruits and berries to deliver an authentic taste. A subtle hint of cider combined with juicy and sweet fruits give them the perfect balance for a smooth all-day vape juice.

Orchard Press uses fresh fruits grown locally in the country and makes all their e-liquids in ISO certified laboratories with high cleanliness standards. The e-liquids are tested as per the stringent TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) guidelines. Their most loved flavours are Passion Fruit, Mango Raspberry, and Dark Fruits, which are all naturally sweet with mild cider undertones giving them a balanced taste.

The complete range of Orchard Press liquids is available as 100ml shortfills with 70% VG concentration and zero nicotine strength. An additional 20ml space is provided to add two 18mg nicotine shots that will yield 120ml of e-liquid with 3mg nicotine strength. These are high VG e-liquids and therefore work the best with sub-ohm kits. To know more about the flavour profiles, please visit the product pages.

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