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Every vaping kit has a crucial component called the atomiser that is responsible for converting e-liquids into vapour. It houses a heating coil that comes into contact with e-liquid and makes flavoured vapour. Atomisers are usually of three types - disposable, replaceable, and rebuildable atomisers. The first one is found in disposable starter kits while the other two can be found in more advanced vaping kits.

An RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) is a type of rebuildable atomiser, where the user can place in the coils. It allows you to build your own coils, which means that you can physically wrap a coil, attach it to the system and a wick. RDAs come in different sizes and styles with diameter as little as 14mm to 40mm. RDAs are a blessing for cloud chasers and allow you to frequently change the liquid flavour.  

If you like building your own coils and are after big vapour while trying multiple e-liquid flavours, RDAs will never disappoint you. While a few modern sub-ohm tanks can give a comparable performance to an RDA tank, but an RDA tank will certainly give you the best performance that your kit can offer. You can explore the different RDA tanks available in our stores and also consult our staff before buying.

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