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Six Licks has emerged to be the fastest growing E-liquid brand in the UK, thanks to their clean, simple, and innovative approach to vape flavours. They create shortfill E-liquids with high VG content for sub-ohm vaping.  

“Six Licks boasts a range of unique and varied flavours, ensuring a favourite for every individual.” Each product has gone through extensive market research and intricate flavour development process to create fresh, unforeseen flavours for you.  

Six Licks has formulated a lip-smacking range of fruity flavours from cherry, passion fruit, guava, strawberry and many more.  

Truth or Pear by Six Licks is a delicious and mystic combo of strawberries, lime, and a dash of pear. Try it out if experimenting with flavours is your thing.  

For a nice berry twist, Bluemonia by Six Licks is a tantalizing blackcurrant flavour adorned with notes of aniseed for a full-flavour.  

The Six Licks E-liquid comes in shortfills bottles of 120 ml with 100ml  0mg nicotine E-liquid. You can smoke them as they are or add two nic shots of your choice.  

Six Licks are more than just a E-liquid brand, they aspire to be a lifestyle by creating a community of vapers who can express themselves through their choice of fun, flavourful e-liquids.  


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