Collection: Vape Spices, Nuts and Herbs E-Liquids

Spices, nuts, and herbs have been used for flavouring, colouring, and garnishing food items for several years. They are found across the globe, with a wide range of tastes that vary from sweet to bitter, and earthy to salty. Due to their versatile nature and flavour enhancing capability, they are often a part of many amazing flavours that are savoured by vapers around the world.

The different varieties of spices, nuts, and herbs make this e-liquid range immensely popular amongst unconventional vapers who are always looking for variety in their e-liquids. From cinnamon to aniseed, and elderflower to lavender, there is always something to excite you. In addition, they can be blended easily with popular flavours like fruits, desserts, drinks, menthol, etc.

Due to their amazing mixing capabilities, they can be found in both high and low VG e-liquids, meaning they can be enjoyed in starter kits as well as large sub-ohm devices. High power devices will bring out the sweetness of some flavours while low power devices will emphasise on the smoothness. Some of our adored brands are Belle’s Patisserie, Flavour Treats, Wild Roots, Bloom, Bucks Coffee, etc.

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