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Established in 2014, at Tidal Vape we are passionate about flavour. Consider us a delicatessen of vapes and e-liquids. We gather flavours from around the world, and keep our flavours and ideas fresh and on trend. Our selection is already wide and diverse but if you feel there's a flavour we are missing just ask. 

Vape clean, vape safe with Tidal Vape 

Love our vape brands? A lot of vapers tell us they do. But here's something else to love about them. Right from the start we set out to produce vapes that not only taste great, but also go way beyond government health guidelines for chemical thresholds. 

Vape Clean 

We believe our vapes are the most scientifically researched and exhaustively tested vape brands on the market. Working closely with a respected laboratory we have a stringent Health Criteria Value System, or HCV for short. Basically, if we're not happy with a flavour or its chemical safety threshold, we won't include it, even when some other brands might. 

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Are Tidal Vape liquids good and safe?

Tidal Vape conducts numerous quality checks before approving a brand to it’s customers. It is our brand motto to provide only the safest and best options for you to explore and enjoy!

Is Tidal Vape a good brand?

Established in 2014, at Tidal Vape we are passionate about flavour. Our brand screens through the best of the lot only to provide you with the most elite of brands and most delectable flavours.