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Udderly Amazing E-liquids specializes in rich, milky dessert flavours. Their primary flavour profile revolves around icecream and milkshakes fused with fresh fruits, nutty flavours and sweet candy notes.  

Udderly E-liquids primarily manufacture shortfill E-liquids, i.e., they have 100ml of 0mg E-liquids in a 120ml shortfill bottle, leaving a 20ml gap for two nic shots of your choice. You can add the nic shots or vape the e-liquid as it is.  

Some of the most popular E-liquid flavours by Udderly are Strawberry Ice cream and Banana ice cream. While the former is a heavenly blend of strawberries and vanilla, the latter is a sweet, familiar, decadent flavour of bananas and ice-cream.  

What are you waiting for? Choose these dessert delights to make your day!  


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