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Experience the nutty, sweet, decadent flavour of a fresh batch of caramel in your favourite e-liquids.  

Caramel flavours are often mixed with tobacco, dessert and cake flavours for a richer, sweeter taste.  

Caramel compliments fruit flavours equally well, so if you like fruity flavours with a light dessert twist. Apple fritter E-liquid by Seriously Donuts is a perfect fruity blend with caramel inside a freshly baked donut for a balanced dessert delight.  

One of the most popular caramel flavour E-liquid is Caramel Crunch by Vampire E-liquid. This dessert blend craftily combines butterscotch sauce and grated nuts with a sweet caramel note on the exhale.  

Try out our extensive range of sweet caramel E-liquid delights on Tidal Vape! 

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