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Tobacco & menthol are often the first flavour types used by new vapers because of their resemblance to actual cigarettes. Additionally, the menthol flavour has become increasingly popular due to a 2020 ban on menthol flavoured tobacco products. Their huge popularity can be seen from their numerous combinations that span across a variety of shortfills and nic salt e-liquids.

Menthol, which occurs naturally in peppermint oil, is a key component in many food items like candies and chewing gums. Tobacco on the other hand has been used in cigarettes for centuries now alongside other modes of consumption like chewing, dipping, snuff, and snus. Both of them have amazing mixing capabilities and are often blended with citrus fruits, fizzy soda, coffee, etc.

While both of them are quite strong on their own, their combinations with other flavours are loved by most vapers. High wattage devices usually bring out the cool notes of menthol and smoky texture of tobacco while low wattage devices focus on their smooth undertones. Some of our customer favourite tobacco & menthol brands are Tidal Vape, All Star, Riot Squad, Steepd, Zeus, Tenshi, etc.

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