top 5 sub ohm vape kits

Top 5 sub ohm vape kits for 2024

Sub-ohm vaping has captivated the attention of enthusiasts worldwide, offering a powerful and flavourful experience. With the vast array of vape kits available, selecting the ideal one can be daunting. In this guide, we'll explore five standout vape kits that excel in sub-ohm vaping, providing a satisfying and immersive experience. 

Vaporesso Gen 80 S Vape Kit 

Vaporesso-Gen-80-S-Kit - dark black

The Vaporesso Gen 80 S Vape Kit is a marvel of design and functionality, perfect for those who prioritize both aesthetics and performance. This kit is known for its sleek, lightweight design and impressive power output, making it a top choice for sub-ohm vapers. The included iTank provides a superb flavour experience and generous vapour production, thanks to its innovative GTi coil system. With its user-friendly interface and durable build, the Gen 80 S stands out as a reliable and stylish option for enthusiasts.

Vaporesso Armour Max Vape Kit


For vapers seeking a rugged and versatile device, the Vaporesso Armour Max Vape Kit is a match made in heaven. Built to endure the toughest conditions, this kit features water, dust, and shock resistance, ensuring it can handle the rigours of daily use. The Armour Max is equipped with the Vaporesso iTank M, designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping, delivering rich flavours and dense clouds. Its TRI-proof technology and adaptive power system make it a robust companion for adventurous vapers.

VooPoo Drag S2 Pod Vape Kit

voopoo_drag_s2_modern red

The VooPoo Drag S2 Pod Vape Kit is a compact yet powerful device, perfect for vapers on the go. It offers a balance of convenience and performance, with a built-in battery that provides enough power to satisfy the needs of sub-ohm vaping. The Drag S2 features the innovative PnP coil system, allowing for a wide range of resistances to cater to different vaping preferences. With its SMART mode, the kit automatically adjusts the power to match the coil, ensuring an optimal vaping experience.

VooPoo Drag H80S Pod Kit

VOOPOO drag h80s

The VooPoo Drag H80S Pod Kit is another excellent choice for sub-ohm vapers, known for its versatility and efficiency. This kit stands out with its ECO mode, extending battery life without compromising performance. The Drag H80S utilizes the PnP coil series, renowned for their flavour accuracy and vapour production. Its compact design does not hinder its power, as it can deliver a satisfying sub-ohm experience in a more portable form factor.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Kit 

green Luxe XR Max Pod

Lastly, the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Kit is a testament to Vaporesso's innovation in the vaping industry. This kit offers a premium sub-ohm vaping experience, with its AXON chip providing precise control and rapid firing. The Luxe XR Max features an adjustable airflow system and uses the GTX coil series, which are celebrated for their flavour clarity and cloud production. Its ergonomic design and intuitive interface make it a pleasure to use, appealing to both new and experienced vapers alike.

Choosing the best vape kit for sub-ohm vaping depends on individual preferences, from power and durability to design and ease of use. The aforementioned kits from Vaporesso and VooPoo are among the finest in the market, catering to a range of vaping styles and requirements. Whether you're after robustness, portability, or flavour excellence, these kits offer a fulfilling and enjoyable sub-ohm vaping experience. 

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