Collection: Donut E-Liquids & Vape Juices

Akin to real donuts, donut e-liquids have a delicious balance of sweet and savoury notes that define this cult favourite dessert.  

Donuts come in a variety of fillings and so do donut e-liquid flavours. Remember those deep-fried donuts at fair-stalls? Deep fried donut e-liquid by Donut King provides a similar irresistible taste, sprinkled with sugar.  

If fruity desserts are your thing, try out the Raspberry Coconut E-liquid by Donut King. It’s got the sweetness of Raspberry jam and nuttiness of coconut flakes all inside a freshly baked toasty donut.  

For a tangier, citrusy donut taste, you can give the Lemon Drizzle E-liquid by Seriously Donuts a shot. 

The Donut E-liquids are available as shortfills and high VG options.  

Get your sweet tooth working!  

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