7 vape kit problems

7 Common Vaping Kit Problems and How to Fix Them

Vaping has soared in popularity across the UK. And as the demand rises, so does the variety of vaping kits available on the market. However, no matter the quality of the online vape kit you purchase, or from which online vape store you buy, it's almost inevitable that at some point you'll run into some hiccups. 

In this guide, we're diving deep into seven common vaping kit problems and the steps you can take to remedy them. 

1. Leaking Vape Tank 

One of the most frequent issues faced by vapers is a leaky tank. First, ensure all components of your vaping kit are correctly assembled and there are no gaps. O-rings might be damaged or misplaced, causing a leak. Replace them if needed. Additionally, when filling your tank, remember to leave a small air gap to prevent overflow and maintain a vacuum inside the tank. 

2. Burnt or Dry Hits

Nothing's worse than taking a drag from your vape and getting a burnt taste. This usually means the coil has become oversaturated with e-liquid or the wick is burnt. You can prevent this by priming a new coil before its first use. Drip some e-liquid onto the wick and allow it to saturate before taking a hit. If the problem persists, consider replacing the coil. 

3. Battery Issues

Your vape kit UK device isn’t turning on, or the battery drains quicker than it used to. Regularly clean the battery terminals to remove any dirt or e-liquid residue. Also, avoid overcharging your device. When not in use, turn it off to extend the battery's life. 

4E-Liquid Spitting

Occasionally, your device might spit e-liquid back, which is not pleasant. Ensure you’re not overfilling the tank. Additionally, let your device stand upright for a few minutes after filling. If the coil is flooded, you can also try firing the device without inhaling a few times to clear it. 

5. Not Enough Vapour Production

If your online vape kit isn't producing enough vapour, it can be quite frustrating. Check the airflow settings; a more open airflow can increase vapour production. Clean or replace the coil if it's old or clogged. A higher VG e-liquid can also produce more vapour. 

6Vape Tank is Getting Too Hot

Sometimes, the vape tank might become too hot to touch. This could be because of chain vaping. Allow the device to cool down between sessions. Ensure the mod is set to an appropriate wattage for your coil, as setting it too high can cause overheating. 

7Gurgling Sounds

A gurgling sound is often an indication of a flooded coil or tank. Clear out any excess e-liquid from the tank and chimney. You can also try taking more gentle draws from your device. If the problem persists, check if any components need tightening or replacing.   

8. Difficulty in Drawing or Tight Airflow 

If you find yourself having to pull harder on your device to inhale, or if the airflow feels restricted, there could be several reasons. One common cause is a clogged airflow channel. E-liquid residue can build up over time, restricting the passage of air. To fix this, disassemble your device and clean the components, particularly the air inlet and outlet, with a small brush or cloth. Additionally, check that the airflow control valve (if your device has one) is open to the desired level. Sometimes, the problem could also be due to the coil being packed too tightly with cotton. In this case, replacing the coil with one that has a properly installed wick should resolve the issue. 

Vaping, like any other hobby or lifestyle choice, comes with its fair share of challenges. Yet, with a little patience and knowledge, most of these issues can be easily resolved. 

And remember, the key to a great vaping experience is not only about the best vape kit UK has to offer but also where you buy it from. Trusted online vape stores provide quality products and guidance. 

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