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Advantages of Vaping Nic Salts

In a few years of their debut, nic salts have become a phenomenon in the vaping world. Vapers prefer them as they deliver the same nicotine hit like a cigarette but with 95% less toxins. But that is not the only advantage they offer, there is plenty more and this article will cover most of them. So let us begin.

    1. More Satisfaction

      Ex-smokers who have recently made the switch to vaping often complain about a low nicotine hit with freebase e-liquids, which does not feel satisfying. Whereas nicotine salts have benzoic acid that delivers nicotine in the bloodstream more effectively making you feel more satisfied.

    1. Smoother Hit

      Most e-liquids in the market consist of freebase nicotine, which is the purest form of nicotine, but gets harsher on the throat as the strength increases. Nic salts on the other hand are much smoother despite their high nicotine strength and therefore demand caution while vaping.

    1. Better Flavour

      While freebase nicotine e-liquids tend to lose their flavour and become coarser as the nicotine strength increases, nic salts retain their original flavour irrespective of their nicotine strength. This makes them a great choice for vapers who do not want to compromise with the flavour.

    1. Beginner Friendly

      If you are new to vaping, you will find nic salts super convenient. They come in small 10ml TPD bottles, which are easy to carry, and they are ready to vape without the need of an additional nic shot. They are made for low-power devices that are usually the go-to devices for beginners.

    1. Ideal for MTL Vapers

      Mouth-to-Lung or MTL vaping involves collecting the vapour in the mouth for a short moment before inhaling it into lungs. Since nic salts do not produce massive clouds of vapour, it is easy to hold them in the mouth for long and satisfy your nicotine craving in concentrated doses.

    1. Stable Nicotine

      Nicotine salts have a slightly different chemical structure than freebase nicotine, which makes them more stable. This makes them last longer in a bottle than freebase nicotine. In addition, they have a different colour that may change quickly, but it should not be a cause of concern.

  1. Stealth Vaping

    Since nicotine salts do not produce big clouds and do not require big complex vaping devices, they are perfect for stealth vaping. You can easily slide your vaping kit inside your pocket or a purse and vape at your convenience. In addition, you do not smell like you have vaped at all.

In addition to the above benefits, nic salts are cheaper in the long run and will save you a lot of money. If you prefer a strong nicotine hit and want to keep a low profile, you should try them. Additionally, if you have recently switched to vaping and crave for a stronger hit, you should give them a try.

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