Aspire AVP Review

In this post we will be reviewing the brand new Aspire AVP vape kit. Aspire are one of the industry leaders in vape kits across the globe. Read on for our review of their innovative Aspire AVP kit.

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Aspire AVP Kit Review

Aspire are one of the largest vape brands and you can be sure that most vapers have owned an aspire product when vaping.

Aspire pride themselves on staying at the forefront of vaping technology providing quality products at a great price.

The above reason is why we have been selling Aspire vape kits since we opened our first vape store and now sell them to happy customers online and across our network of stores in the south of England.

Aspire AVP Vape Kit Review

When I first set eyes on the Aspire AVP I knew I had to have it. The sleek design made the other vapes look outdated. When you first see this model, it will remind you of a high end car key with a slim hexagonal design moving a way from the long thing circular design that most moth to lung vapes take on.

The eye-catching design has been made even better with a variety of high-end colour options. This vape has been designed for the fashion conscious vapour, it is loved by clients who are new to vaping as it discreet sleek design is compact.

What’s In The Box?

The sleek design has been considered in every aspect from the packaging to the Aspire AVP itself. When you purchase your Aspire AVP vape you will get a small square box that contains everything you need apart from your e liquid of choice.

  • Aspire AVP Mod
  • Two Aspire Cartridges
  • One Retractable Lanyard
  • One Micro Usb Charging Cable 

How to Set Up The Aspire AVP?

On first use I would recommend filling the tank half way up and leaving it for 20 minutes allowing the liquid to settle in the new system. This is what Aspire recommend as the liquid first settles and is recommend each time you change the cartridge itself.

The revolutionary cartridge takes a little bit of getting used to as it’s a very different design to normally expect with an EDV (every day vape).

The main reason for this is the sleek design would not work with a standard replaceable coil that you can find in the aspire poceX.

There is another great benefit to the whole unit that we have found is that leakage doses not happen because of the way the cartridge is moulded around coil itself and there is a push to fill mechanism there is absolutely no leakage that we have seen so far. 

We have looked at the design and the packaging lets get into what is the Aspire AVP and why do we think it’s the start of a change for your everyday vapour?

The Aspire AVP is an everyday vape mod that has an adjustable power mode. Its one of the first of its kind and we believe that this Is the future.

Everyday vapers are normally ex-smokers and finding the vape juice that you like is one thing but then it’s the strength of the draw that many smoker find harsh when starting to vape. This is because they may have been used to smoking a softer brand of cigarettes with a low draw.

The AVP allows vapours to adjust the wattage depending on their own preference, it can be set to 8w 10w or 12w if you want a bit of a harsher throat hit you can hold your finger or thumb over the air flow constricting it making the draw harsher on the intake. Some smokers require this harsher hit throughout the day when they are trying to kick the habit, as they move towards quitting smoking.

How do you adjust the wattage on the Aspire AVP?

Unlike most vape mods out their you do not use the button when drawing or inhaling the vapour, this button is used for turning the vape on and off and adjusting the wattage.

Once the Aspire AVP is turned on you click the button twice in quick succession and the led light will change to one of three colours Red symbolised 8w blue 10w green 12w.

Its is personal preference which strength you use with this mod I have mine set to 12w with vampire vape sweet Tabaco in it as I am in my 5 months of giving up smoking and still require a heavier throat hit to satisfy the habit.

How do you fill up the Aspire AVP?

Filling up could not be easier the cartridge itself is clipped to the mod magnetically so no fiddly button or clasps.

You just pull the two elements apart and on the underside of the cartridge you will see a push valve that is the same size as standard vape bottles tip.

Get your e liquid of choice and push down into the valve slightly and squeeze your liquid in just like you would squeeze in the liquid in the other Aspire range. The cartridge itself has a 2ml tank size so you can fill it up with as similar amount of liquid that you could other everyday vape mods with the more traditional replaceable coil.

How do you replace the coil when it is burnt out?

The simplest answer is you don’t. The Aspire AVP is fitted with 1.2 nichrome micro coil inside the cartridge itself.

As with all vapes there comes a point that the coil burns out at this point with the AVP you replace the whole cartridge. They are reasonably priced so not much different in cost to replacing the coil in other models. You also get one spare cartridge in your box when you purchase the Aspire AVP for the first time.


Concluding this review, I believe that the Aspire AVP is a great everyday vape perfect for the style conscious vapour or ex-smoker. One of the biggest pros to me is the cartridge securely holding the vape e liquid within it. A leaking vape for me is one of my biggest frustrations when vaping.

I am clumsy so the lightweight design with a tough plastic cartridge is a great help I have dropped this vape a few times now and find it to be hard wearing. This is a huge pro for me especially when in comparison to its counter part that has a glass screen that breaks on impact. Probably something all vapour can relate to at least once.


As a heavy smoker I would prefer a couple more watts on the setting maybe a 14w mode would have helped. I require a heavy drag to ensure I get the hit I used to get from my addiction to cigarettes. This can be countered with restricting air via the air flow hole on the mod but it is more a work around then a practical solution. 

Will I use it?

With a all factor considered I will be using this going forward and would recommend it. The durable sleek design really pleases me and its another quality product from Aspire. Saying this I will be keeping an eye out for a 14 watt version fingers crossed.

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