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Dinner Lady Mango Tart Review

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Dinner Lady Mango Tart Review

Dinner Lady Mango Tart Review


Dinner Lady really pride themselves on producing only the finest vape liquids, and they are indeed fine! Now onto the main purpose of this discussion, we will be doing a review on Dinner Lady’s marvellous Mango Tart!

Let’s start with the brand name, now I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Dinner Lady”, I think of those nostalgic school desserts we all used to look forward to after a long morning of school work!

Quite fitting really, seeing as the whole Dinner Lady range is based around those classic delicious desserts.

So now let’s get started on what you have all really come here for, the Mango Tart review!

The Flavour Profile

What better way to get a flavour description than straight from the creators themselves?!

Dinner Lady says - Mango Tart - The finest mangoes smothered in luscious cream, beautifully balanced with a shortbread crust. Go on, treat your taste buds.

Does that not sound like absolute heaven and make your stomach rumble?

First Impressions 

One of  the first things we will always notice is the bottle, and Dinner Lady Bottles are always eye catching and brightly coloured!

Mango Tart has been given a slightly different ambiance, as it is not brightly coloured like the others are at all. In fact it is just a plain cream colour. That being said, it still incorporates the bright stripes bursting outwards from the centre of the label, these being a lizard green and an amber orange.

All of the Dinner Lady dessert range come in a 60ml glass bottle with a dripper and childproof cap. The bottle also has a seal around the cap to prevent tampering of the bottle and liquid.

The bottle itself stylishly carries off a vintage vibe, really looking like it should be sat neatly on the table of a retro 50’s diner!

The labelling also fits perfectly with the retro vibes, with its bold, elegant font that clearly displays the brand name and flavour of the e-juice.

We can see this is a 60ml bottle and a 70/30 VG/PG mix. On the back of the bottle we have all the important information such as the warning labels, expiry date, batch number, where it’s manufactured etc.


Once you have satisfyingly broken that seal, Dinner Lady Mango tart greets you with a pleasantly sweet smell of ripe mangoes. You also get a slight scent of sweet pastry, if you could imagine a bakery in the distance, that’s the smell!


Whether you are a vaping expert, or a newbie to vaping, you never can just inhale and exhale when vaping! You want to separate those individual flavours and cherish each one!

So that’s exactly what we are doing for you during this taste review, extracting as many flavours as possible to try and give you a true evaluation of Dinner Lady Mango Tart!


Now as expected, the first flavour you get hit with is mango. Lusciously ripe, full flavoured mango. There’s a perfect amount of cream that sneaks up on you to accompany it, keeping it velvety and smooth as it hits the back of your throat! It also gives this flavour a sort of sweetness.


As the experience goes on, that juicy mango is still very much the dominant flavour, but now that delicious shortbread crust comes onto the scene! Warm and wholesome, just as you would want your shortbread to be!


As it comes to an end and you begin to exhale the Mango Tart, the ripe mango, smooth cream and warm shortbread crust whirl together to create an explosion of sweetness to coat your tastebuds!


The aftertaste is one of the more important sections to the breakdown, as it is the last memory your brain will have of the flavour! Dinner Lady has cracked it!

The shortbread has died off by this point, and you are left with the moreish taste of those juicy mangoes, but this time they are submerged in a pool of that delicious cream, giving Mango Tart a final kick of creaminess to finish off the tasting experience!

Cloud Production

 As are all of the Dinner Lady dessert range, Dinner Lady Mango Tart is a 70/30 mix, so as you’d expect, the cloud production is going to be pretty decent! Depending on what device or tank you are using, you could fill a room quite easily, however the clouds will disperse much faster than they would with a max VG e-juice.

Final Thoughts

Mango seems to be a very popular flavour among the vaping community. There are so many companies trying to perfect it, and sometimes as many of us have discovered, it does not always go right. Sometimes we get one that is far too sweet, and others seem to have an “off” smell or taste to them.

All that taken into consideration, Dinner Lady has managed to perfect the mango flavour in Mango Tart! Not too sweet, no weird or worrying smell or taste!

Dinner Lady Mango Tart beautifully incorporates three moreish and frequently asked for flavours; juicy mangoes, smooth, silky cream, and a warming shortbread crust. These three blended together, and having them come through at different points while being vaped, give you a faultless fruity dessert flavour!

All in all, we love this eliquid juice, and if you are looking for a dessert flavour that is fruity, warm, fulfilling, sweet but not sickening, then you most definitely have to try it for yourselves!

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