Review of Blackcurrant by Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape is a multi-award-winning e-liquid manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They were established in 2012 with just 12 products, nowadays they have a unique line up of flavours designed to bring back those childhood memories at the sweet shop! Some of the most recent accolades to their name include; Best Dessert Winner 2019 and Best Mint/Menthol Winner 2018 from Vapouround Awards and Manufacturer of the Year 2018 by The BiBAs.


Some of their most popular products include best-selling Heisenberg, with its fruity undertones, the refreshing and exotic Pinkman and the divine flavoured Sweet Lemon Pie. Sampling any of these 3 delights will put you in no doubt as to why Vampire Vape is one of the best at what they do.


For this particular review we are going to be focusing on the Blackcurrant flavour which can be purchased in 10ml bottles for £3.99 each or 30ml concentrate for £9.99.


Flavour Profile and First Impressions


When introducing this flavour, Vampire Vape has described it as a, “berrylicious blackcurrant e-liquid simply bursting with flavour, natural tasting but with a smooth hit.”

With blackcurrant being one of the more sought-after flavours in the vaping world it entices the user’s taste buds to give it a try and with the added likeness of apparently tasting just like the old childhood favourite of blackcurrant Chewits, who wouldn’t want to take a trip down memory lane?


Based on first impressions of the packaging and the bottle, Vampire Vape operates a basic, no-frills design. The bottle cap and labelling match the expectation of a blackcurrant flavour with the purple colouring, which I would say is definitely positive. The bottle’s labelling also carries all appropriate direction and warning labels. Some may say this approach to design is too basic; however, I believe it’s allowing the product to speak for itself without getting caught up in fancy labelling.





When I think of blackcurrant, I (and probably the rest of the British population) will think of Ribena. The popular children’s drink has a very distinct smell and it is definitely apparent when smelling the Blackcurrant flavour for the first time. Nostalgia is what Vampire Vape do best and on first thoughts it excites you to try it. For those that did not grow up with Ribena (where have you been!?) on smelling the Blackcurrant flavour for the first time, you are left with a strong, sweet aroma that leaves you wanting more.







On your first inhale a sweet yet ever so slightly sour flavour of blackcurrant will take over your taste buds. It’s strong, it’s full bodied but not over powering in the slightest. Whilst inhaling, a cooling sensation can be felt which accompanies the flavour well and just adds a bit more intensity to the taste. On exhaling, the cooling sensation increases and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. Cloud production is satisfying and dense.  It is INCREDIBLY more-ish and before you know it, you’ll be taking your next draw!



Final Thoughts


Berry flavours can be quite difficult to get right as there’s so many undernotes to their taste. Vampire Vape has a done a great job of combining the sweet, fruity flavour, with the tartness of the berry all whilst avoiding being too overpowering. If mixing flavours is your thing, I would absolutely recommend mixing this with a mint flavour just to take this to the next level of amazing but on its own a superb all-rounder every day vape. Bravo Vampire Vape!

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