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Tips To Improve Your Vaping Experience

Smokers in the UK have embraced vaping as an alternative with several reputed health bodies showing their faith. It is cheaper, safer, and offers plenty of customisation. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing it for some time, there is always some room for improvement. Here are a few simple tips that will help you to up your vaping game.

    1. Invest in a Good Kit

      Although all vaping kits function in the same basic way, there are many noticeable differences. While starter kits like pen kits cost in the £10-25 range, advanced kits like mods cost over £40. When investing in a kit, make sure that it will last long enough to justify its cost. Before buying a kit, you should do an online research, read reviews, and seek advice from your vaping friends. Avoid buying kits with plastic tanks as they are difficult to clean and leave an e-liquid residue that gets mixed with the new e-liquid and alters its flavour.

    1. Explore Different Juices

      If you are new to vaping, we suggest trying different e-liquid flavours to figure out the one you like the most. If you have been vaping for a while, you may stick to your favourite e-liquid, but we recommend trying out the wide range of flavours available in the market. From menthol to sweets, and soft drinks to cereals and fruits, there are many e-liquid flavours waiting to impress you. While choosing an e-liquid, also look out for parameters such as VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, nicotine base, etc. apart from the obvious flavour.

    1. Timely Charge the Battery

      As you vape, the battery of your device drains gradually, which diminishes vapour production. You can notice this change in vapour towards the end of your battery life-cycle. Therefore, we recommend regular charging of the battery and timely replacement of a discharged battery.

    1. Learn About Kit Maintenance

      Continuous vaping results in gunk in the kit and sometimes burnt/crusty coils, which adversely impacts the vaping experience. Therefore, you must learn to maintain your kit regularly. Clear all the gunk before it settles down permanently, check your coils and wicking material, replace burnt coils, and rinse the tank with warm water to keep it clean.

    1. Beware of Vaper’s Tongue

      Vaper’s Tongue is a common phenomenon among frequent vapers. It happens when you vape the same flavour again and again, which settles on your tongue and makes other flavours also taste the same. However, it is not a major health risk and can be cured easily by cleaning your tongue regularly and drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Carry Your Kit in Style

    If you vape on the go and often carry your kit in your pocket, there is a high chance that a juice spill might damage your clothes. You can avoid such spills by investing in a good carry case. It will not only encase your kit but also offer space for a spare battery and e-liquid bottle. It will be the best few pounds that you will invest, and we are sure you will never regret it.

Vaping is meant to be fun and if you are not enjoying it, you are probably doing it wrong. We believe that these tips will help you to improve your vaping experience and you will enjoy it more than before.

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