Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream Review

Twelve Monkeys is a premium e-liquid brand created in Toronto, Canada, that has risen to the top of the vaping scene, treating vapers all over the place to their decadent range of tantalizing flavours, including Congo Cream.

Established in 2015, Twelve Monkeys just get bigger and better, winning numerous awards including best new brand award in 2015, and best international brand in 2017.

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buy congo creamWe Love 12 Monkeys!

Twelve Monkeys flavours have their rightful place in our stores, standing strong and proud on our shelves ready for our loyal customers who are praying we haven’t sold out of their favourite flavours from the brand!

Twelve Monkeys has numerous lines in their range of liquids, the original, made up of 12 Monkeys Discovery, Intelligence, Triumph and Infinity Collection lines, Twelve Monkeys Ice age, consisting of some original flavours, with an added kick of ice for a more refreshing vape, perfect for summer.

And lastly, their most recent line, Twelve Monkeys Origins, which are more simple flavours, yet more prominent on what they really are.

Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream Review

Today though, we are going to be reviewing one from the Discovery line, Congo Cream, formerly known as Congo Custard.

You can see what we say on our YouTube channel, or scroll on for more details.

So let’s jump right to it, a review on Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream.

First Impressions

Of course the first thing we notice is the packaging.

Twelve Monkeys always know how to catch your eye, with their bright colours, intricate detailing, their recognisable imagery, and fantastic fonts, all appealingly displayed on a decent 50ml bottle.

We have the brand and flavour clearly visible, and we can see this juice is a 70% VG mix.

Overall, the Congo Cream packaging is colourful, informative, fun filled yet still somewhat professional looking. As per usual, Twelve Monkeys get you intrigued and invite you in from the very beginning.

Flavour Profile

Coming straight from the creators - This tantalizing recipe incorporates two distinctly different creamy vanillas to elevate the flavour of handpicked, fresh strawberries. Experience the taste of this sophisticated cream that has evolved to become a unique treasure.

So there it is, tantalizing, creamy, fresh, sophisticated and unique. If that doesn’t scream “taste me”, I don’t know what does!


your first physical introduction to the flavour, so if it’s not quite right, or something smells a little off, you’ll make your mind up there and then, subconsciously or not.

As soon as your nose comes within an inch of the open bottle of Congo Cream, you’ll detect those super fresh strawberries, along with a slight sweetness from those fine, fragrant vanillas.

Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream is most definitely an inviting flavour, drawing you in with each scent detectable.


When tasting a new vape liquid, you don’t just puff it and then be done with it, you want to dissect it, and really pick out each of the particular flavours, and at which point they are recognizable, and how it all feels whilst you are vaping it!

So we are dividing this up for you ladies and gents, just to give you a deeper evaluation of each and every part of the vaping experience.


Almost instantly, Congo Cream gives you a super smooth, velvety inhale that fills your mouth with that warm, creamy vanilla, wanting to explore the map of your tongue as it coats your tastebuds.

Then that exhilarating vanilla is met by a blast of fresh, ripe strawberries, bouncing off each other to create a whirlwind of sweet and creamy interdependent flavours.

You can definitely feel it on the throat hit, but it is far from unpleasant, it’s a smooth delivery that satisfies and pleases.


The ripe strawberries really are elevated by the vanilla cream here, it complements them in the most palate pleasing way, really letting you appreciate the ripeness of the fresh fruit.

Rising above the rest, the sweet strawberries take the lead and create an explosion of berry tastic flavour for your vaping pleasure!


Now this is where the flavours switch roles yet again, almost like they are fighting for the lead!

On the exhale, the creaminess pushes its way back to the front of the flavour profile, making sure it touches every taste bud on your tongue.

Those succulent strawberries are still present, but more of a background flavour now, like they have been submerged into a heavenly pool of deliciously distinctive vanilla cream.


Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream has an exquisite aftertaste, which is awesome because the aftertaste is the last thing you will experience, until you go back for more of this beauty, which, if you love your creamy e-liquids, we are sure you will!

Leaving you with a beautiful taste of fresh, handpicked strawberries, on a bed of intoxicating, creamy vanilla, that will leave you craving for more without a doubt!

Cloud Production

Twelve Monkeys like to mix it up by giving their different flavours different VG to PG mixes, it helps compliment their array of flavours.

As we discovered earlier on, Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream is a 70% VG mix. So it’s a pretty standard VG to PG ratio.

It’s a high enough percent to allow you to create some pretty decent clouds, but it’s not going to help you cloud out a room if that’s what you’re looking for, and your clouds may disperse fairly quickly.

Final Thoughts

Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream is such a classic flavour, strawberries and cream, but sometimes it’s hard to stand out from the crowd when so many are doing the same thing.

Congo Cream does not have that problem. This is not your bog standard two ingredient flavour that dies off soon after it’s vaped.

Twelve Monkeys Congo Cream is a comfort vape, its warm and cosy, with fantastic flavour that keeps on giving! It’s always been a well known, and much loved flavour in our stores.

So if you’re a lover of creamy, fruity e-liquids, then you absolutely have to add Congo Cream to your collection if you haven’t already!

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