Twelve Monkeys Hakuna Review

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the Twelve Monkeys Hakuna liquid. You should already be familiar with the Twelve Monkeys brand, as they are one of the biggest and best on the UK market – their juices are flying off the shelves in our stores on a daily basis. But what about the Hakuna flavour? How does it stack up? 

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twelve monkeys hakuna

Twelve Monkeys Hakuna Review 

Hakuna is advertised as having an apple blend with a very distinct berry taste. Let’s get into it and see what one of our team members thinks. You can watch the video review first, then get into a little bit more detail further down the page.

First impressions 

According to our customers, a common theme is that Hakuna offers a beautiful apple and cranberry flavour. It comes in the Twelve Monkeys signature packaging and branding, with a high-quality foil label on the bottle. 

Unlike other vaping brands, Twelve Monkeys invest a lot of time and effort in how the product looks. It’s in a glass bottle (no cheap plastic here) and looks and feel likes quality.


Unscrew the cap and have a quick smell. What do you get? 

Apple… and lots of it. Imagine sitting in an orchard on a hot summer’s day and biting into a refreshing green apple. That’s what Hakuna is like, but… there’s also a hint of cranberry. Sounds strange but trust us… it works! 

But smelling and vaping are two completely different things, so how does Twelve Monkeys Hakuna perform when vaped? 


You get a very juicy apple flavour on the inhale. It’s very smooth on the throat and tastes not to dissimilar to how it smells – in other words, an apple and cranberry taste sensation. 

Exhale and aftertaste 

You get more of the cranberry aftertaste once you’ve stopped vaping though. It’s an amazing double sensation which works really well together. 

Cloud production 

If you want to see what type of clouds you get with Twelve Monkeys Hakuna, watch the video through again. That’s all we need to say here; the results speak for themselves when seen in action. 

Final thoughts 

Hakuna and Matata go very well together. When you squeeze both in your tank at once, you get a super juicy Granny Smith type flavour. 

If you like your fruit flavours, you simply must try it.

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